Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Just a couple of weeks ago, Sis-E told me she finally read my blog, when it has been there since 2006.
Better late than never. Thanks sis.
So it just hit me that I haven't been logging in lately. 3 months.
I don't remember being away this long before.
I have many excuses of the absence, but then it just became LAZINESS.
At this point, writing has been kinda hard .. lost it. Not like I was any good before. WTH.


I'm getting married.
Finally :) I'm thrilled to be married to the man I love so dearly. Big One has finally became The One.
We're always looking for The One. Honestly, I do not know what does this means coz I never really loved anyone so much before. Even so, there was always a "BUT" lingering somewhere .. and most of the times it's invisible, you can't say exactly what it is. 
It takes time to find The One, it's not like love at first sight, that's just pure lust or infatuation.
Only after you have gone through some kind of ordeal, which I believe everyone does, like some kind of sick treasure hunt test God put us through for us to realize if we hit the jackpot or find some empty treasure chest.
But am thankful to have found him. And I knew it when my love for him, or our love, matters more than all the petty things that evolves around us. The bigger picture meant more. And the fact that I know that he truly loves me just seals it. 
Am so excited about my wedding. Please do send me any ideas or websites if you come across. I would very much want to skip the whole cliche wedding. And most importantly .. I want it to be memorable and beautiful. Who doesn't ?!


I am a mother of 2. 
Of a furry and not so furry canines.
Everyone knows the attention seeking emperor, Schnappi.
My other bigger but younger son is Bullet.
Bullet's a American Bully, is already about 9 months old, and strong as a bull.
I'm quite terrified of him coz he doesn't know he is that huge and love charging like a rhino.
But he's such a darling, and such a handsome looking boy that melt our hearts.

At 2-3 months when we first got him.

 And the test of patience begins.
That's the most recent pic I have of him taken 2 months ago, so he is much bigger now.

Does anyone know of a reliable dog training school in JB?
Bullet isn't exactly a toy dog that is meant to be pampered, and we want him to be a toughie obedient boy.


Will end abruptly now.
Still undone with the endless downloads and installation of applications coz I just reformated the lappie.
Gave up in fixing the old system .. too much shitz in there.
If you can't fix it, reset it !


Monday, June 14, 2010

Freaking Awesome 28th Birthday

Thanks to everyone who has made this birthday freaking awesome.
2010 really rockxx for me. Yay !
First of all .. thanks to my biatches for throwing a surprise birthday bash for me.
Thanks for the pressies .. the c**k-cake .. and mind-cracking ideas that you girls have planned for the past couple of months !
The cake is amazingly yummy .. rich chocolate cake with thick chocolate fudge .. good chocolate !
It's so good that I sulked when my mom gave some away. This is really a sinful and lustful cake.
What am I to do without you girls .. thank you so much again for being part of my life. Am truly blessed and I can ask nothing more from you girls except to bear with my nonsense and be part of my life for the next 50 years AT LEAST :) *hugs*
More pics from the crazy night ...

And the big surprise from BigOne the next day ..
Dinner at La Forketta @ Dempsey
The food as alright .. though I thought it was a lil salty. But still yummy.
Seafood indulgence linguine. There was so much seafood I couldn't find my linguine.
Juicy pizza .. oozing bubbles on the salame.
My knight in shining armour .. the love of my life.

BigOne says that I'm his sunshine .. that makes him happy and bright.
And finally ... my prayers and wishes are answered.
Dreams do come true.
To be married to the love of my life, the man that you know will bring you happiness, bliss and contentment.

Still over the moon. It still feels so surreal.

Gonna be really busy in coming months.

Hope I don't turn into bridezilla .. please keep in check people.

Saturday, June 05, 2010


Day 2 of celebrations .. and I feel like the happiest person ever !

Thank God for all the wonderful people surrounding me that makes life soooo happy and blessed.

I feel like an outburst of beaming and blinding sunshine of happiness !

Love y'all for making 2010 birthday ever so special and memorable.

Love my biatches ! BFF !

On another note .. can't wait to know what BigOne's up to tonight !

* xoxo *

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I've been stalked by a series of horrible nightmares for a few weeks now. It's disturbing .. and quality sleep not achieved. Thank God this doesn't happen every single night. But yet, frequent enough for me to feel it's stalking me. The weird part is .. I have a clear memory of the entire dream when I wake, and weirder part, I sometimes am conscious in my dream .. like "hey .. this is a dream .. cool !

The frequency of monstrous/ghostly dreams have so frequent that I'm no longer scared in them. Sure there's a slight fear, but not like hair pulling shrieking scary. In one of it, I saw a ghost through a reflection in the mirror .. and I can only see it that way. I did multiple tries to reconfirm it. Then went to my dad and told him, "Dad ... there's a ghost in my room .. come take a look." And that's what we did .. and I remembered the conversation to be something like "Ya hor .. really got ler ..."

Then there was the back to school nightmares ... where I did not study for an exam. Back then, when I did not study well .. I would still have my way in scribbling out something out of logic to answer the tests. But this was a whole different scenario. A subject I had not a single clue. Add-Maths. (I'm Arts Major) And another was having to do 5 Malay essays, one of which was a debate. There was the standard procedure for the opening speech .. I totally lost it. Haha !

Then yesterday I had the a horrible bizarre dream that I was sentenced to life imprisonment for whatever that I did. Before I was sent to jail .. I went to shoot someone at point blank out of revenge .. doesn't make a difference coz I'm sentenced to life anyways. But when I was being transported, that was the horrible part. The thought that I couldn't see my family and loved ones forever .. OMFG .. that's worst than death. I remembered crying so badly while texting my brother that I loved him and all .. the sadness was uncontainable. See .. your sis DOES love you. It's so disturbingly sad that I woke up crying and it sorta traumatized me a little for the day.

Does anyone know the interpretations of dreams? Some say that it's a way of saying out loud our deepest thoughts and worries. I somehow feel there's a mojo to it .. in a superstitious way that there's a presence from the neither world. Or perhaps a way of telling me that something bad's coming .. like some dejavu flash forward kinda thing. Or maybe just too much TV, games and the internet.

Or just .... just maybe ...... I NEED A NEW BED !!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ping and Pong

For those who are familiar with 98.7fm's Ping and Pong (Singapore's radio channel), 
I heard an exceptionally funny joke that was like a slap in the face. So funny can die.

The Adventures of Ping and Pong.

Pong: Hi Ping ..
Ping: Hi Pong ..

It always starts off like this.

Pong: I'm trying to put together this jigsaw puzzle, but it is so difficult. The edges can't seem to fit together .. it's not the same as the normal ones.
Ping: Follow the picture on the box for the guide laa ..
Pong: *scrambles for the box* Here it is .. it's a picture of a rooster ..
Ping: Aiyaa .. stop playing laa .. put the cornflakes back into the box !

*Faints*  So totally unexpected !

The characters sound like dumb little girls, but in actual fact, if I'm not mistaken, the voice behind it is from 2 full oversized grown men, also known as The Muttons.

I do wonder how they come up with so much shi!t every single day !

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I miss my MAN so much I'm so excited to see him later.

It's so weird when Jasmine always refers our partners as "our man". 
But it makes them so much more than just boyfriends or husbands or lovers.

The MAN sounds like a protector .. a hero .. like .. He da man !

Hell yeah he's my MAN alright .. in every way .. and so much more.

Friday, April 02, 2010

April Fool

I HATE 1st APRIL 2010.

Effing bad day.

Been having this suppressed flu in the system for the entire week. The nose is was constantly leaking and there was no way to control the watery flow that made its way down. Sleep has been disrupted as lying down caused some kind of pressure to cause the blockage. I had to sleep in a reclining position of stacked pillows. The invisible drowsiness hovering wasn't a great help in concentration at work. So was the minor blockage in the nasal area that impaired my speech clarity.

Work day has been such a pain. I was looking forward to the end of the day so that I could go unwind and sweat out the suppressed sickness at yoga, but was intercepted by some casting call which turned out to be some ambiguous job which I'm very skeptical and uninterested. But before that .. my worst nightmare came.

I was finishing up work and ready to leave when my lappie jammed on me. Rebooted it as usual only to find a blank screen and my working cursor.


Windows crashed on me.

What was that supposed to mean ? Some kind of sick April Fool's joke Microsoft/WindowsXP has on it's users? O.M.F.G. You have no idea how disoriented I was. There was no help available at that moment - 7pm, my mobile died on me, there was no WindowsXP disc to be found anywhere in the office (apparently none came with the whole lappie set).

All my work. Years of work. Hard, sweating, labor of my fingers and brain cells.

I kept repeating to myself ..
Composure .. Breathe .. Composure
.. Breathe .. Composure !!

Do you see how bad this is? How can something have such massive control over a person. This day and age, we will not function without a computer. While the lappie was in EU, I jez sat around in the office filing all the piled up docs from zonks, and after there wasn't anything I could do. This is so bad. So So So Bad. This is not allowable. But of course there's always a solution like using backup server, watever server you call that .. but doesn't come cheap either.

Oh well .. it's all over now. Lappie's back but somehow it's still groggy. Trauma. Both owner and patient.

Hope everyone did not suffer such ill fate.
For those who did .. I feel you.