Sunday, June 01, 2008


Fuggup No. 1

Just when you thought things were getting better at the office .. the same frustration has to happen at home. My whole drama episode with the internet connection. Something is terribly wrong !!!!! Just my luck not to have an affinity with it. Streamyx has developed a new found hobby. Getting me disconnected all the time. Thank you very much.

Fuggup No. 2

I finally strut in the BigC territory. There goes my hopes for owning the BigC. My gawd .. how can I actually splurge S$4300 on a bag? A price equivalent to the 0.7 carat diamond ring we checked out at SooKee. Major sigh.

Fuggup No. 3

Everthing is just not going my way now. Starting to sink into the depression zone. Like a car with a dead battery, I need a jumpstart. I miss those hippie days back then. No fugging around hippie .. but happy hoppy hippie. Signs of aging. This is bad.

* * *

On the brighter note .. something to look forward to ...
My Birthday !

Yay ... fingers crossed it's gonna be exhilarating. Fingers crossing very hard.


edster said...

wah, an effing bag cost $4.3k? holy jeebus. the kind of money women are conned into spending. *shake head*

cc said...

On one hand I'd rather buy the diamond ring...however, on the other hand, a 0.7 carat diamond for $4,300 sounds kind of cheap for a stone of that size, so I'm guessing it is of average clarity and color which would make a bad investment.
For that sort of money, I say go for the bag, or better still the nice watch you have been craving...when you can afford a worthwhile investment, then buy a rock (with at the very least the magic number 1 carat) that's actually worth it rather than a stone of sub par quality.

jamieternity said...

no way am i gonna spend 4k+ SINGAPORE DOLLAR on a bag laa. so ridiculous and doesnt justify any reason at all coz i am a MALAYSIAN. bloody 2.3 times more ok! can die ....
as for the diamond .. sweets, it's for the special someone to present it to me .. abit salah to buy the 1 carat myself rite; and have the special someone getting me something smaller .. hahaha~ irony!
sigh .. money does make the world go round. need to work hard to earn more .. kambade !