Wednesday, April 02, 2008


JuMa took off on a month long holiday back to her home town, leaving us in a uneasy environment like a spoilt brat having to do everything herself again. It's just so weird after getting used to her 5 years of pampering. But I'll be taking off in 2 weeks time for the rest of the month so I won't get to go through the awkwardness at home .. so selfish rite? Hehe ... My biggest worry is my son .. wonder who's gonna attend to his needs. This morning alone he somehow made his way out to the garden for a rendezvouz .. wonder how long has he been running wild in his fantasy world, only to find him in his dirtiest state when I was about to leave for work, and got sent back to his room for detention. He's getting way out of hand. And I now understand the dillemma of a busy working mother having need to discipline her child. Never really works well ... especially when he doesn't really have a full set of the english vocab.

* * * * * *

I nearly killed myself at yoga yesterday. The inconsistent and busy schedule has took time off my classes and I wasn't born or trained young to be flexible. Madness. I hope I don't ache too much today so I can hop on the mill for extra tonning up and burning all those junk I devour that last 4 days in Penang. Health aside .. I'm quite a vain pot myself .. wanna look good for my trip in 3 more days !!!

* * * * * *

Boring sia .. it's the 14th issue of the newsletter I am editing. Kinda getting sick of doing it now .. can I not do this anymore??????????????????

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