Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Fine Line

What is the fine line between what's good and what's bad; what is right and what is not?

Is it determined by social conformity, values that we're brought up with, or does all these change with the times, evolution of the bad becoming a not-so-bad thing?

There are so many reasons behind the justification of one's actions. Either leading it towards the "right" path .. or down the gallows. But the main reason is always the selfish one, for the sake of Own Happiness. Sometimes some sacrifices have to be made .. but is this right?

As I have the benefit of having many males friends, I often dwell into their world of perceptions .. understanding how the male brain functions. Which of course gave me a wide eye and wide perspective on how the world is. I have learnt to accept the ugly truth all these while, and have lived life with past my other halves well, with much faith .. believeing that not everyone are assholes. Until the big bomb drops.

It's hard to get back that faith. Especially with constant reminds from someone close to me whom is experiencing the dark side now. Tough holding the faith with much skepticism trying pushing through. But I have to. For the sake of happiness. Otherwise, it would only hurt us.

What makes one go astray? Many who are in true love and bliss are still vulnerable to this. Temptation. Does one is really faithful even when they found the right one? I seriously doubt so. But why does this happen? Screw someone else, without any feelings attached - there's no such thing as that. If there's no feelings, then how can one be attracted to the other and end up lusting for each other, after all that, they call it plain sex - no feelings attached, move on as if nothing happened before. If it was all good, reverse and relive history over and over again.

But how would we know whether we're living in denial of the brutal fact out there? Or whether that rainbow will always be there? Fate. It's easier said than done.

We all have the power to determine our destiny. Not entirely. But at least a part of it.

Since when handling relationships are so complex, like a strategy in a big game? Shouldn't it be simple and natural? Or perhaps it underlies in a person's dwelling upon it.

Should one think ahead or just live the day?

If only we could see the future and consequences through a magic glass for every step we take.

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Anonymous said...

Love or not to be loved, commitment or lust, believe or not to, true or false... it all lies between a fine line. people said fate will bring us together, but temptation and the crued n realistic world torn it apart. sometimes we r so confident in ourselves, until things or people juz come in n torn it apart, brought away the faith n wat we used to be believed in... fate is so unpredictable, life's a long mysterious journey... keep on dreaming, some others will say, and it will come true... but no one knows how many times we must fall, and how many times our hearts have to be shattered to get to the destination. why not try to enjoy n learn from the process... though it's painful.. why not dance n rejoice in the rain, and not curse n swear in the pour... afterall, life is so complex, truth is so disheartening... eventually, rainbow will appear one day.. if u still beleive there is.