Thursday, September 20, 2007

Windows Shopping

The internet is one big conspiracy created by a genius to corrupt people's minds and letting them to reach out to unimaginable actions and consequences, where a new hybrids and evolutions of new activities emerge, replacing what we called the good old days.

You really are old when you can think back about the days when everything was so different from what's happening now .. because of the difference, because we went through several eras, because .... we just are!

It's a disease .. a plague .. which creeps into everyone's subconscious minds, letting the web control your emotions and daily activities. Without it, we just don't function properly. Something will be amiss when I wake in a day without connecting to the web, it frustrates me when the server is down, and it'll be the major bitching topic during lunch.

It is also an addiction stronger than any drug ever imagined. Even good ol'shopping has been replaced with browsing through websites from different continents. Nothing is pretty or hip enough in stores anymore, we all want something which is so not found locally. We just want what we saw online. Get cheap sales .. bargains .. great deals.

But am glad all these happened ... everything happens for a reason. And I got my dress! Yippie !!! Pretty ain't it !

It doesn't come cheap .. but at least you get exactly what you saw and worth paying for such reliable service. On the other hand, it is dirt cheap .. only that our currency is miserably insignificant to the Sterling Pound. 7 times! That's so ridiculous! I used to dream of marrying an Italian when I was much younger coz I simply adore the cuisine and would be so lucky to have the love of my life making me the food that I love every single day. Now, I think I'll make a switch .. more realistic .. the love of my life .. who earns the Sterling Pound ! yea yea .. go on dreaming !

Byno has became the next Geline. Sending me links to websites after websites .. corrupting my mind when I should be focusing only on one thing .. WORK. So .. looks like Geline's been working and Byno has been .. well, browsing.

Oh well .. we women are great multitaskers.


Geline said...

Wei..... Y always me... am very thrifty nowdays le. Got link also dont dare to show u!! HAHA..
I aiming thing from yahoo taiwan nowdays... dont know u interested or not. Sterling pounds too ex for me~!

jamieternity said...

haha~ come on .. sharing is caring!
yahoo-taiwan or yahoo-india i also interested laa. as long as it's cheap, good and gorgeous!