Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Weekend Nocturne

Been too busy for the past 2 weeks that I have lost the know-how or inspiration to blog.
To keep my sanity in place .. I do take some time off to screen through my daily addictions like a neccessity. But am glad and feel good when things are finally clearing off my to-do list.
I shan't write much .. nothing much to write about in this post.. just pictures.
Perhaps .. some memories are just meant not to be remembered no matter how much there is to know, think or talk about.

* * * * * *
It's been a while that we were out partying in a big group .. gone were the days.
But it was nice to hang out with them again .. only the feel was rather different.

Everything has changed since back then .. what was to expect.

Sis & Sis-Bro outing .. which ended up to be a extension of brother's outing.
It was Zi Jun's birthday as well .. looks like they have a White theme going on there.

The guys wore white .. and the girls wore black.
Ooppss ... there must have been some miscommunication back there for Ace.
*tee hee hee*

As much as I should justify myself .. I'll shant.
This candid picture is just too perfect .. with my spontaneous cover up and Melvin's pleasing expression.

Fruit Zhong will never close his mouth. So stop asking him to.

Sis-Gis .. you should've been here .... I miss you sooooooo much !!

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