Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Fever Syndrome .. Brain cramming more like it ..
  1. Deciding what to eat for brunch
  2. Deciding which DVD to put on
  3. Deciding whether to work .. or not to work
  4. Deciding which curtains to get
  5. Cramming my brains to my PSP
  6. Deciding whether to go out later ... Esh will so kill me if I don't .. so I don't have a choice
  7. Deciding what to wear later
  8. A whole load of shit going through my brain ...

My head hasn't stopped working since the moment I opened my blinkers. But am glad that I finally put an end to my curtain crusade .. and decided on the off-bronze-silver one. It's been a tough month .. been visiting just about every curtain shop in JB (i'm exaggerating) in search for the perfect shade, the perfect material, the perfect feel .. and of course .. the perfect price. So bye bye pinkies curtains .. I've had them on since 10 years ago so it's time to say goodbye. I had other perfect options .. but it's just waaaaayyyy beyond my budget. So I just settled for the perfect compromise instead. *tee hee*

* * * * * *

Mr.Manager from the Emotional Control Department is back from his holiday .. however has taken a darn long ciggie break instead. He always seems to get on my nerves on the weekends .. now that the period-production department has had some major problems with sticking with schedules .. this isn't helping me very much at all. September just seems like a lousy month for me. *sigh*

Emotions creeps in .. and I'm feeling the loneliness again. It's just a busy month for us .. and I appreciate the fact that I get time spent even though it may not be much .. but at least efforts were made to make me feel good, thought of, and cared for .. even though he's not always physically present. When it's all over .. I don't feel good again. Sometimes I wonder if I'm being over-demanding ..

the amazing instantaneous powers of what your loved one can do ..

.. but on the other hand, isn't it a good thing when you can never get enough from seeing each other?

* * * * * *

I had plans to home-work over the weekend .. act chin-lao (hardworking) in bringing back all the outstanding work. Haven't laid a single skin on it except for moving the bag within my room from being an obstruction on the pathway. So much for being chin-lao ... pattern only! Now that BigOne has passed me PrisonBreak Season 2 .. dad even had the same thought as I did ..

Die laaa ~ Cham liao laaa ~ No need to sleep liao ~


* * * * * *

Time to go get ready for the Sis & Sis-Bro partying .. it's been a while .. and I really missed you guys !!

Aarrrgghh ... what to wear ... what to wear??!!!

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