Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Prison Break

Been lusting over Michael Scoffiled for 2 weeks straight.

Specifically Michael Scoffield and not Wenworth Miller. They're the same person .. but if there were 2 person who looked the same, Michael's the choice man. Wenworth won't even bother turning his head even I was Jessica Alba. *we all know* *wink*

OK ! I know I'm a little slow .. waaaayyyy tooooooo slow in fact to even be starting Prison Break .. Season 1 somemore! *Finishing dee laa .. 1 more disc!!*

The lusting wasn't over his incredibly good looks. It was the whole package .. biggest contributing factor to the neverending-drooling is his intelligence. I jez realized that that's what really attracts me in the other sex.

Intellectual Stimulation.

And that's incredibly sexy! Way way way better than just plain good looks.

Time to go shower and continue the lusting over the final 4 episodes.

I found my Michael Scoffield .. Asian version without tattoos of course.

my damn .gif pic won't move! it's such a waste when it's soooo annoyingly sweet. I need help ... calling out all kindSEXY souls with IT intelligence to die for!


Geline said...

i m so in love with michael, especially his eyes..... deep thought!!! i just finish the whole season 2 before i start my vocation.
Guess who is the most interesting one?! Teddy bear.. hahaa... i kinds of like him.

cc said...

Come on now, be honest..he's got to be easy on the eyes at least right! I mean, Quasimodo ain't exactly going to attract your attention is he!

jamieternity said...

haha~ of course good looks is important for first impression. but it can only take you so far .. i've met loads of people like dat. and you'll be surprised how turned off a male-bimbo can be .. BIMBA ??
as for looks ... my taste isn't skewered towards the cute-boy-next-door-babyface kinda look. i prefer someone who looks manly .. not necessary good-looking, but has this thing abt him that oozes charm and god knows why and what am i attracted to his looks! deep?? hehe~

Hed Demarco said...

Asal ur gif tak gerak ?? Huhuhuhuhu...

cc said...

Right..charm oozing machismo eh..
Not exactly a common trait amongst Asian men though is, your man, is he the Brad Pitt type then?

jamieternity said...

hed: tolong .. how to make my gif gerak?? serious comel that pic! helppp ...

cc: well, i would over-rate him to be brad pitt. but he does oozes charm and man'ness enough to charmed me away. hehe~ *blush*

cc said...

LOL! Sounds like a man's man!

Good on you!