Monday, September 10, 2007

* yawnssss *

The dreaded day of the week.

Even the power of Pink is losing its potency.

It has worked well for the past couple of weeks .. and this silly methodology that I came up with i.e. "Pink Conqueres Monday-Blues" is failing on me. Guess Mr.Blues have gotten back-up from the weather and they sent in their best army .. the RAIN !

Who can ever wake up to that !!!

Coupled with the stock-out of my caffein in the pantry .. I'm so dead today ..

I hope I'll survive for the next half day.

Hope some thoughtful soul would bring me my fix from Starbucks. *wink*

* * * * * *
Dramatical weekend .. with incredible dramatic mood swings from the PMS coupled with a whole shit load of things that just wasn't going my way.

One of those days when everything goes wrong ... so so so terribly wrong.

I never thought I was such a emotional drama-mama. Mr.Manager from the Emotional Control Department has taken an abrupt holiday at the wrong time of the month, when he is needed most to keep everything under control.

I jez needed big warm comforting hugs.

Joanne and Ant was there to hear me whine like a emotional 14-year-old teenager. Thanks Guys!! Love ya loads!!

At least there's a rainbow after every storm.

And answers to all my assumptions.

Yay !!!

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