Thursday, August 02, 2007

Steven Lim ... The Millenium Legend

We've all heard about Steven Lim .. the eccentric and the extraordinary Bastard , Asshole LOSER that kills us all instantaneously with his miracalous acts.

Really ... I never thought anyone could be as bad .. nothing comes close. You think Jim Carey is beyond hope with his so-hai acts in Ace Ventura i.e. making his ass talk, you gotta meet Steven Lim. To me .. he's a LEGEND ! That could very well drive anyone to jump off the building whenever watching his videos.

I don't know if I should admire or dispise him. Afterall, it takes so much courage and self-confidence to actually portray such image and trying to convince people he's actually S.E.X.Y. and D.E.S.I.R.A.B.L.E. I have loads of self-confidence, but he just makes me or any overconfident individual look like Mickey Mouse just even wanna compare to him.

His level of Lame'ness, Loser'ness, Stupidity, So-Hai'ness .. Self-Indulgence, Self-Confidence, Narcissism, Self-Denial ... ranks SUPREME !

His retaliation video to XiaXue's entry on the "7 Most Disgusting Bloggers in Singapore Blogersphere" is overrated. Lame. Stupid. Tak Jadi. So-hai. _______. (just fill in the blanks .. watching a whole shit load of his videos just now just completely wiped out every single vocabulary in my brain). There were many i.e. Billie Jean, Whatever, etc etc ... until I stumbled upon this video ...

... and you thought you'd see everything coming ! With the toilet roll in his undies to enhance the "size" .. and the wannabe sexiness of male-after workout-hunky-perpiration ...

He's da Man laa .... CLASSIC !!! Try beating that !

The introduction of his existance to Sis-Esh nearly killed her and she was never so intrigued by anything non-artistic before. It killed her. She was about to go smash her brains on the wall to stop the "Oh my F%$king God" swirling around her mind.

I killed her 3 days ago. And I was about to kill her for the second or probably third time today, by forwarding all the links from YouTube.

Feels addictive .. just like killing Kenny.

Huat died too.

Huat: Jamie, please stop liao.
Jamie: You have to watch the last one .. the rest don't watch nevermind, you MUST watch the last one !
Huat: My eyes need Dettol !! I can't tahan liao .. I really admire his bravery! He's really a brave loser .. why got ppl like him wan ?
My eyes and brain need cleaning coz I've recorded all his videos in my brain, if not tonight sleep sure got nightmare !

Jamie: *Evil Smirk*

If only he was more creative and spend some cash on more attractive undies. The gray ones with sweat stains (if it is .. coz it's like there permanently in every video .. shit, to think i actually took notice of it .. DAMN !)


constant craving said...

Hello gorgeous..I've got a bit of a dilemma I'm hoping you can enlighten on..

Dell XPS M1330 or Dell Inspiron 1420? I love the XPS, but do you think the 13.3" screen is too small for everyday work?

As usual, I'm always very much aprreciative of your thoughts :)

jamieternity said...

isn't there a coincidence on the laptop hunting? hmmm~~~

there isn't much difference for a 0.8" wider screen. but the whopping 2k does make a big difference!

and if u asked me which i would choose for my WORK .. i'd go with the XPS coz it's LIGHT, and since my job requires me to travel, YES, the additional 800g does matter alot! well, since it's for work, the company pays for it and i'll jez charge the 2k to the company. hehe~~

you'll get used to the screen. mine's a 14.1" screen and it's fine to me. looking at the LCD screen of my colleagues desktop made me realized how big and clearer everything was on the internet though. haha~ but then again, you can't compare rite.

jamieternity said...

if it's for your personal use, you might wanna consider about the cost and your budget.

don't forget it doesn't come with Microsoft Office .. so you might wanna budget in an additional $500-$700 to the total costs.

constant craving said...

You looking for a new one as well? Wasn't on your wish list..I guess it must be a coincidence then eh ;)

Anyway, it's mainly for work..and writing to you of course :)

The cost is fine, I'd rather get something I like and am able to live with rather than worry about the extra cost. I'm kind of superficial sometimes I guess..the looks matter a lot to me, so I'm probably going for the XPS. Which color would you go for? I'd go with white..

I did consider getting the ASUS U1 as well, but I don't know, it's got one pro (the looks) and far too many cons. For one thing, it's so thin it can't accommodate an internal optical drive! Like, what's the darn point of being so small when I've got to carry an external drive along! It is absolutely beautiful though..I'm so confused..

jamieternity said...

well .. not like i have a chance to although i would so love to change mine! i will when i get the chance to handover this old one to someone new in the future. hehe~

white's lovely .. sleek, professional, stylish. but i'm such a pink freak that i'll do pink. the color reflects the kind of personality you have as well.

i suggest that you go for a more stable computer than looks. you know how frustrating it can get when it gets all screwed up! don't go for Compaq, although the new touch screen thingy is lovely but it has lag problems. i personally don't really trust those other brands in the BenQ, Asus, yadda yadda category as well.

If budget ain't ur problem then you might wanna consider Toshiba or Fujitsu. And if you think that Asus of yours is amazing, wait till you check out Fujitsu's Lifebook Q2010(3G).

albeit pricey .. it's THE LAPTOP at the moment!

jamieternity said...

hmm .. the link didn't come up. here you go!

Fujitsu Lifebook Q2010(3G)

constant craving said...

Toshiba's good, very dependable! I've had a Compaq before but hated it..I still think Dell is the only pc giant that can be relied upon. That's why I've been on Dell for sometime now.

Yeah, Fujitsu is THE brand I guess, but like you said, pricey. I may not be too concerned about the price, but hey, still got to justify it right! I ain't buying anything over RM7k anymore..not after the nightmare VAIO I had before! You know, ASUS is way better than you think too.

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts, will let you know what I decide on :)

p/s: post a X'mas wish list with the notebook at the may just get it..who knows right!

purple said...

Hi, Jamie! I was Googling for Vaio's internal optical drive when I found your blog *nyuk* By the way, y'all can list Vaio as one of the most unreliable notebook in terms of their hardware (overall). I might change my Vaio's internal optical drive AFTER I get the Macbook. Yeap. I'm going back to Mac since the Macbook has everything I want now. In fact, my Vaio was a shitty buy which cost nearly RM7K and 3 months later, Mac came out with their first Macbook and the rest of the world is out with their first duo core! Don't forget the flimsy hardware set-up issue I had after just 3 months. Oh, my Vaio is still under 2 years old. KNNCCB!