Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mane Issues

One of the few people that people really trust are their hairdressers. People do not just randomly go into any salon trusting just about any hairdresser to do their mane. Although I don't really have much choice on what I want to do with my hair most of the time. *sweats*

Really. BigOne always tells me off and finds it ridiculous that how can one go into a salon and not know how their hair will be done. My hairdresser calls the shots .. he always does. I'm the only customer that doesn't get to decide. He determines how my hair's gonna be, what it'll be getting, an does not tell me what the next color of my hair will be.

Billy: I'm gonna straighten it .. then color it.
Jamie: What color are you gonna give me?
Billy: You'll see ..
Jamie: Err .. I'm curious. Can I see the color chart? -at this moment, BigOne's spirit somehow seemed to have found his way to my ear and started telling me off .. like how he always does, and I panicked-ly request to see the color I'll be getting. I know for a 200% (make it 300%) that if it doesn't come out well, he'll be staring at me annoyingly for the next couple of weeks or so until I get it corrected. Stress rite ??!!!!
Billy: No
Jamie: Describe the color then. Brown? Light Brown? Red? Copper?
Billy: It's gonna be a healthy color.
Jamie: What's a healthy color? Is this a "healthy color" - pointing to my current hair color of dark brown.
Billy: No
Jamie: Fine. -gives up-
And I still let him go ahead with it .. fingers crossing that it'll turn out ok.

This is ... TRUST.

And I loved the outcome. The color is great .. Dark Reddish Brown. Brings out the glow of my skin, making me look fairer, but not pale. Dark enough, but not boringly black. And a lil dash of attitude and style under the sun when the red shines radiantly.

Straight is back. I've gotten my curls flattened out. Coz Billy and Leslie shrugs in disbelieve to see my curls looking like scattered straw extensions, and sighs in disappointment that a model, whom is supposed to be an expert in vanity, to be .. well, not such an expert in her hair, furthermore, it's jez maintaining plain simple big curls that doesn't need much skill to master.

Should I have my curls back?

* * * * * *

Schnappi isn't that lucky though. His hairdresser went down hard on him.

He got a lion-cut. And it isn't very flattering on a shihtsu, considering the fact that shihtsus are supposed to have long mop-like hair/fur.

I didn't have much of a choice coz his hair/fur was all tangled up to its point of origin that it's beyond cure. The "stylist" didn't even consider trying to detangle it. So .. shave shave shave ..

I felt so guilty during the whole process when Schnappi looked at me with the saddest face ever and all I did was just stood there and watch when they balded him.

She didn't even let his feet off ... and they're no different from chicken feet now.

Pity the poor child. I still love you as much despite how "special" you look now pumpkin.


Anonymous said...

where do u get your hair done?

jamieternity said...

my trusted salon .. H20 Hair Studio.

there's 3 branches in JB ..
(1) DNP (century garden)
(2) Holiday Plaza
(3) Jusco Tebrau City

I always go to the one in Jusco.

Geline said...

why yu shave ur darling hair off?? he will feel sad de lah...

jamieternity said...

i know .. he's sad .. but still very adorable! it'll grow back.. better than the super tangles he got there! really .. they're beyond hope!