Monday, July 30, 2007

Time Will Never Be Enough

Time will never be enough for me .. coz I slack alot .. doing practically nothing, and time suddenly moves 3 seconds faster than it supposed to. Well, just to me .. and don't worry, am not high on any drugs to actually be serious about it.

It's fated that I'll never be able to do whatever I plan to do at home due to .. again .. Time Constraints. It's not like I don't have it ... I do ... but it seems like it jez passes by so fast. *Shit .. i'm repeating myself again .. only rephrasing it ... bahhhhhhh*
  1. TV will never be my hobby or past time. I envy BigOne alot.
  2. I can never have enough time to work out at home CONSISTENTLY every single week.
  3. I can never find time to pick up a new hobby or something new i.e. I wanna pick up cooking.
  4. I can never find time to blog at night .. at home .. that I would so love to not waste office resources.
  5. I can never find time to entertain all my friends whom I've keep turning down or not look up to catch up for tea although I would so love to.
  6. I can never find time to spend 3 hours daily with my son to give him all the attention he needs.
  7. I can never find time to sleep early so that I won't feel like shit each morning or so tempted to get an MC or so tempted to talk my boss into changing my working hours to 11am - 6pm.
  8. I can never find time to clean up my room and put all the stuff away from my writing desk which literally becomes a new storage space for bags, mails, accessories, and loads of rubbish.
  9. I can never find time to reorganize my wardrobe which is getting very very very ......... ok, I can't seem to find what I want to wear every single morning. I don't even wanna think about my lingerie drawer .... It's still bearable, I'm just exagerrating, I'm only human.
  10. Et cetera .. Et cetera .. Et cetera ...

* * * * * *

I've just started on Heroes and I've already failed to do a marathon on it. Was supposed to do it tonight, but God knows what have I been doing during the period of 10pm - 12.30am, and it's too late to get started now. I'll never have enough of sleep at any given day, where no amounts of eye serum is gonna ease off all the eye bags camping under my eyes. I guess they've already purchased a freehold villa down there and gonna stay there for good.

I don't know how my brother does his 4 hour sleep stint every single day and still be able to wake up earlier than me and head off to work earlier than me. And the strains his eyes suffer from nevereding Dota, Soccernet, DVDs and Series will never affect him. I guess he sleeps throughout them eyes wide open. Some kind of meditation I would love to master. You take the TV out of BigOne's room, he'll kill you. You take the LCD monitor off my bro's room .. you better go kill yourself before he finds you. You take the bed away from me ... you betta make sure you weren't born at all !

That's it ... I'm sleeping ... NOW !


constant craving said...

Heroes is absolutely gotta keep with it girl! Never a dull moment, trust me.

As for sleep, well, it may just be another one of those Y chromosome traits..we men just don't need as much sleep as the ladies, don't know why, but it's a fact of life.

Perhaps even more frustrating though, is the fact that most men do not seem to face the curse of the much dreaded monster - The Eye Bag! Though I must say, God is just..he did give us the paunch. So I guess all's fair in this bleak wilderness we call life..isn't it now?

jamieternity said...

my dear .. god isn't really doing much "just" .. since we females do suffer from the "paunch" as well. And to further worsen the situation, it's ok for men to have it .. but it disgusts women who does! grrrr~~~ unfair~~~~~~

constant craving said...

Oh come on now..why the doom and gloom..It ain't as bad as you think!

Firstly, I hardly see any women with a tummy, I believe the flab goes mainly to the upper arms and the derriere, am I right?

Secondly, it is NOT ok for men to have it! Who says that anyway? The men who do have it, that's who! You know, men are every bit as vain as women are..only thing is, while most women proudly flaunt their vanity, we men hide that reality a little better than the fairer sex!