Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gifted & Talented

It's great to have friends who are ever so talented. And I can't be anymore proud of them than I could be jealous of.

Envy to be exact.

* * * * * *

Manfred'cia'keys a.k.a. My BooBoo

who has vocals that makes me just wanna hug him so much.

Miss him so much and miss the times where we just released our souls in public to sing If I Ain't Got You at MBK (Bangkok) MRT Station. Who cares that people are looking at us like freaks, coz we're just too fabulous!
His latest recordings. Hope you cut an album soon darling

* * * * * *

The Ever-Gorgeous Haflin Saiful.

One of my closest friends, who is so gorgeous, she can make every man blank out as she passes by. Her natural sweetness and effortless sense of style and beauty makes us all go soft and awwwwww~~~~

Gracing pages of magazines, advertisements, and hosting in TV programs, this woman has it all .. I mean all ... damn that Mini of hers! and those gorgeous pair of mezmerising eyes!

Having to vaguely remembering her from somewhere? If you haven't seen the Digi ads across the country, which kampung or cave did you come from?

* * * * * *

The DJ .. Alvin Lim of RED fm (as insisted .. happy now??!!)

It's cool when you have someone giving shoutouts to you over national radio from time to time .. that's when I shamelessly force him to. Hahaha~

Used to be the eh-hemmm "Heart-throbe" of our class back then .. mind you, back some 16 years ago, where gals literally go gaga over him. I'll just keep the embarassing memories to myself and to those who are fortunate enough to share part of the days back then.

I want another shoutout !!! With a proper song this time !!! Mika perhaps??

* * * * * *

My Sistas ... Echelle & Giselle a.k.a. The Designers.

Just Great .. I'm the only Sista without the "elle" in my name, and whose job isn't associated with designing and art. I don't wanna be the odd one .. but on the other hand, I'm the special one ... No??

The Graphic Designer, the Punk, the Fierce-One .. the sis who doesn't need a single ounce of make-up to look amazing. Yes, no powder .. at all !

The Industrial Designer .. currently Acrylic-Designing-Expert, the Shopper/Spender, the Driver, the Tea-Buddy, the Baby-Craze'r'. Am so gonna miss you sis .. *sob*sob*

* * * * * *

Sometimes I wished I was talented in something specific instead of being the average of everything .. Jack'ress' of all Trades. Time to pick up something new! Any suggestions?

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