Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yea rite .. if only I had enough money to splurge on Shuz without much guilt or feel a single pinch .. or perhaps even a tingle at all !

Mommy-Dotti bonding day with retail theraphy is a big NO-NO. When shoes are involved. My dad will faint with the amount of shoes in the house .. and he never fails to complain .. "How can anyone have so many pairs of shoes? How can they finish wearing them?" .. and I'll gladly reply .. "Wear one a day .. for the next 2 months??" .. Yea, very clever of me! Smart Ass!

If only my mom got my genes. The we could save alot on clothes and shoes.

It isn't supposed to work this way .. I'm supposed to inherit her genes .. which I gladly and proudly did. Not physically though .. *teeheehee* Dad deserves some credit in the production too. I got the best of both worlds then .. my mother's good looks and my dad's tall and slender silhouette. *Sungguh tak tau malu ... but I rather have this option than the other way round!* Sorry ... my bad !!! I have to be thankful to even be in this world ... I KNOW !

Think that was bad? I know some people who think the world of themselves and don't even have the slightest shame on self dignity, and yet still professes I-AM-THE-WORLD ! Shame shame on you !

The day when six pairs of shoes entered the Pang Residence. BigOne screamed in my ear with major astonishment when I told him I bought 3 .. which isn't alot waaaaattttt .... If only mom was also a 7 .. we would have got home with 3 pairs .. or 6 different pairs instead of 3 pairs in 2 different sizes. -.-"""

Someone asked me before .. why is my mom's feet so small. And I answered "Coz she's much shorter than I am .. and if she had my size, doesn't that make her a Hobbit?"

The advantages of not having a common-size .. you're shoes will always be there .. unwanted, coz nobody can fit in them. And because of that, I'm being mistaken for a green lover. Since everything coincidentally was Green .. and they only had Green for it.

Shrek Syndrome creeping into moi ! Arrggghhhh ~~~~

* * * * * *

The Q.C. system of shoes should be monitored for its consistency. Who ends up buying 3 pairs of shoes in 3 different sizes?

ME ! Size 6 , 7 and 8.

So much for wanting to get shoes online ... idea goes flush flush flush down the sewage.

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Geline said...

Time to feed you with nice n cheap shoes..