Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cooking Your Way To The Heart

There used to be a saying that to win you're husband's heart, it's through his stomach.

Used to be skeptical about this coz I think that majority of men think and act impulsively with their eh-hemmss instead. No offence, just a random stereotyping thought.

I never thought much about how did that statement come about .. obviously nobody really found out the root to it or even bothered to go looking for it .. till today, only a handful of women are willing to lay their delicate hands and well-manicured nails to the kitchen.

But today, I stumbled upon the real meaning of cooking your way to someone's heart. It is the whole process of putting in your effort, heart and soul to it .. in create something to be felt from within. It doesn't just apply to the "husbands" .. but to everyone. Seeing the joy and delight on people's face when they take their first bite, complimenting it as they take their subsequent bites .. and knowing that they're secretly devouring the rest of it .. gives me a sense of fulfillment and happiness .. to be able to make people happy.

My second attempt at making the Apple Struddle .. and it's a success. The first attempt was a 70% failure .. due to the rock-hard crust which was completely unedible because I used the wrong ingredient. When the recipe specifically asked for pastry margerine, then USE pastry margerine .. and not substituting it with any kind of margerine. It's not the same!

My pastry puff was a success .. it's yummy-licious .. and it crumbles. Yippie!

Can't wait to see BigOne's reaction to my fruits of labour. Am keeping my fingers crossed since he isn't much of a dessert/pastry fan as I am. But since I made it with my so-called "delicate hands and well-manicured (NOT) nails" .. he doesn't have much of a choice. *teeheehee*

Next attempt ... Clam Chowder with Pastry Puff .. or .. Chicken Stew with Pastry Puff.
Depending on the Boss!

P.S# The only reference I had was a random recipe from a cookbook. I'm so talented. I'm so proud of myself. Can???
P.SS# Making pastry puff is a pain! High level of patience is needed .. and it is farkingly time consuming! So the people eating my puffs better damn appreciate it!

So much for loving and giving unconditionally. Hahaha~~


cirquedusoleil said...

ye ye sedap tu...

cirquedusoleil said...

ye ye sedap tu :p~`,`

CC said...

Wow, that looks positively delectable! Boy am I salivating here!

Anyway, I was wondering what your opinion is on the following:

1) Rome, Venice or Milan?
2) Paris, Bordeaux or French Riveira?
3) Zurich or Geneva?
4) Prague or Vienna?

Do enlighten me wise one..bear in mind that your choices should be made with a window of 2 weeks holiday time in all..and travel will be by flight throughout..

Thanks a mil!

jamieternity said...

cirquedusoleil: thanks! memang sedap pun .. hehe ;P

CC: awww maannn .. wished i could get on a holiday like dat as well! am i suppose to chose one of the 4 options or one of the places you suggested?

the places suggested are kinda relaxing. i've been to europe before, and it's all sceneric kinda holidays .. not much hype. mmm... i think i'll go with Option 1: Rome, Venice & Milan. Consider other options like Greece and Spain. or maybe go spain and chill at ibiza .. cool !

cc said...

Actually, I meant the choices you'll make per country..

1) Italy
2) France
3) Switzerland
4) Well, they are next to each other..

Been to Valencia and Vigo, Spain and from there went across to Portugal. Wasn't my cup of tea I'm afraid..maybe I should have gone to Barcelona and Madrid! Oh well, it was business, so it's not like I had a darn choice! Greece alone would need a couple weeks so that's out of the question..darn..

So what do you think? What would you do in such a small window?

jamieternity said...

it'll either be Italy or France. It's hard to decide coz I would wanna go to Italy to scoff myself silly with authentic Italian food and original Tiramisu! And head down to see Venice and Rome ..
France is a tempting option .. but it's best to enjoy France with someone special .. the city of romance. so if you're heading with your chum, you're not gonna get the best of it. :)

cc said...

Point taken on France! Paris by night wouldn't look all that great with a few drunken buddies that's for sure! But then again, Amsterdam probably would! Maybe I should go to Amsterdam instead LOL!!!

I'll have all that Italian cuisine and most of all Tiramisu! One story goes that this originated from the Venetians..I guess I'll have to go to Venice then!


jamieternity said...

have a great holiday ! it'll be nice of you if you could FedEx me the tiramisu. hehe~~

cc said...

Yeah I'll make sure I remember that!