Friday, August 17, 2007

If Dreams Came True ...

... i would be the proud owner of 3 items this MONTH ....

The Tote


... but obviously they're just dreams. And dreams do not always come true.

Unrealistic Dreams that it ... *teeheehee*

It's a Friday, and I'm happy ... happy that the weekend is here and I can slack off for the next 2 days before returning for the Monday tourment. It has been a VERY unproductive morning, since I was awoken by gloomy skies and rain, with a considering thought of skipping work today during my snooze. Tried to offset the bad vibes by throwing on a sunny yellow and white ensemble .. but obviously it didn't work this time. I thought it might since Pink tremendously offsetted the Monday Blues last week.

Byno's feeling the slack as well .. as we window shopped on the internet as always. A habit granted to me from my Hell'ish Gorgeous Friend .. madammoiselle Geline. And it somehow crept to Byno like a worm on the internet. The more we shopped .. the bigger the brands surfaced .. the more expensive it gets .. the more unrealistic it gets .. and the bigger our dreams grows.

It's good to dream .. it creates long forgotten ambitions that we once had when we were a child. I was interviewed the other day during the Female 50 Gorgeous shoot, and they asked me questions of myself .. based on the form that I had to fill up. Simple form .. but yet so ridiculously hard to to fill.

Ambition .. Fav. Music .. Fav. Person .. etc etc etc.

It was all that rage when I was in primary and everybody had a "Autograph Book". More like a Biodata Book perhaps ... coz for autographs people jez enter a short message and signs off. Instead, each of us unleashed our greatest creativity with neon colored highlighters, pens, stickers, glitter glue, etc etc .. to make a scrapbook of 2-3 pages of ourselves.

Name, Address, Contact, Fav Food, Fav Drink, Fav Actor, Fav Actress, Fav This .. Fav That ..
and it really did came up to 2 pages at least!

I asked one of the editors there .. "Are we even entitled to have an ambition now?"

I don't think we do .. not like we have a choice to be what we want now. We just can't anyhow be a nurse, pilot, air stewardess??? (it was so popular back then!) .. lawyer etc etc. We need the qualifications to be great people .. and to be great people, we have to go through years of hell .. and not forgetting .. years of working hell to make your mark.

Guess the older we grow, the more mature we get, the more realistic and idealistic we see things to be. And then .. i just penned down my ambition ...

"To be a full fleged Tai-Tai ... Who wants to work? I don't :) "

But last week .. while chomping down the gluttony in Spizza, I had another ambition ... to be a chef .. of a petite little niche cafe .. where I cook as and when I want to. No different than a Tai-Tai cooking out at home and get people to come by to eat ... *giggles* But isn't it nice that the fruits of your labor brings a smile on people's face when they enjoy it? But then again .. only if it is edible.

And yesterday I had another ambition .. to be the owner of my fav joints .. McDs, Starbucks or CoffeeBean .. and a pizzaria.

Isn't it nice to be able to dream ... makes life filled with innocence and hope.


constant craving said...

Yes, going through hell to achieve even just an ounce of success does sound hard to swallow sometimes, but it certainly makes those fruits ever sweeter. I've been to hell and back..but at least all those years of toil (oh alright, and a bit of partying here and there) made me what I am today..and being able to afford the finer things in life certainly makes it all worthwhile..doesn't it :)

At the end of the day, not forgetting where you came from, what you're made of, and to never ever take for granted what you, that's true test of one's heart..IMHO anyway..

p/s: how have you been? been away on a gruelling business trip and I'm EXHAUSTED! really need some r 'n' r..anyway, missed your ever insightful blog while I was's good to be back..

Geline said...

yoz there.... is it a wishlist again??? nowdays your window dont pop out webisite for u to c during our msn session right, Dont blame me....

jamieternity said...

why .... why no more website? please feed me! hahaha~~