Thursday, August 16, 2007


You've heard about it .. you've read about it ..

You ridicule about it .. about how stupid people can get by falling for such stupid scams .. about how stupid these swindlers can be, undermining our intelligence to actually fall for such ridiculous ploys ..

To some extent that you become skeptical to on how far the truth really is .. it's human nature and the nature and evil of the mouth .. that a new ingredient is always added to a story whenever it gets passed around ..

Until you really experienced it.

I've been getting calls from some recorded Chinese advertiser in my office almost every single day. The first time I listened to it .. but it didn't make much sense to me, since I was such a big banana and if you throw in any slang in the Chinese language, you might as well speak Russian to me. Second call .. went through like 5 seconds .. Third, Forth, Fifth call .. I jez hung up immediately. It's annoying! So annoying like some idiot keep trying to get their fax through my direct phone .. and tries on relentlessly for the next 10-20 times or so. I'm not exaggerating it .. I really did encounter such before. Too bad I don't have a caller ID if not I would gladly tick that arse off to my heart's content.

Over the weekend, I got a call from "Zhong Guo Pao" (China Press) ... some China lady was conducting a rather harmless survey of some 20 questions or so. I was in a chirpy mood that day so I decided to make her life easier and followed through the whole process. I know how shitty it is to have to work on a Sunday, with such a shitty job conducting surveys over the phone where you'd get probably a 10% success rate at any given day. It was about some Genting advertisement. God knows what .. coz I couldn't quite make up what she was describing to me .. and told me that the organizers will arrange for a gift for you for participating in the survey.

Until I opened Kenny Sia's Blog on Monday morning .. it was a phony HongKong/China scam. Similar to mine since it involved Genting. And it suddenly flicked on the security alarm in me. Alert! Alert!

True enough .. they called me 2 days later. Instead of playing along like Kenny did, I just told them there wasn't such person. And true enough, he was persistent, and asked for a reconfirmation. - Sorry la bang .. your commission fly high high away lo~~

I've got other phonies bidding through my eBay website for the PDA that I'm selling off. Idiots asking me to courier it all the way to their son in Nigeria as a birthday present. And you're stupid enough not to buy one from the UK, where you're staying, and courier it to your own son! Baahhhhhhh ~~~~~~

Phony !

I'm not rich .. I ain't got much money .. so successfully being able to cheat me of my RM20.00 won't give you much pleasure!

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