Monday, August 13, 2007

The Day I Tried New Things

The weekend .. 2 days .. with 2 extreme differences.

Saturday was a busy and tiring one .. Sunday was Boredom Supremacy.

It's been awhile since I went shopping in Singapore .. so near .. but yet so far.

BigOne was there to run his so-called errands .. and he dropped me off at Orchard to "work-off" all those "porksssss" which I have consumed during brunch.

DimSum at Jade Palace was great .. we did Jade Palace Kitchen at Causeway Point instead, although we very much wanted to head to Taka for Cystal Jade Palace, but we'll probably die of hunger from the queue we'll be facing at the peak lunch-dimsum. Not much variety at Jade Palace Kitchen .. the basics .. the usuals .. but delicious. I could smell the "siu mai" and "char siew bao" when I saw the building .. not my fault for being a porky but it was already 12.30pm and I haven't had anything since I woke up at 9.30am.

Recommended items:

Pei Tan Sau Yoke Choke (Century Egg with Lean Meat Porridge) -
really nyum nyum .. the bowl is blardy big, which can be divided into 4 bowls .. is really really delicious. Not too sticky .. not too waterry .. not too salty .. and the century egg is melted into the porridege instead of the "lazy-people" jez chopping up the egg and throw it in.

Char Siew Bao -
If we hadn't been such greedy porky's, I would have finished all 3 of it !

Siu Mai
and Har Gao - A must in every dimsum meal .. needs no explanation.

After having been in this world for 25 years .. and being a Chinese .. and being exposed to all the delicacies of "kai keok" (chicken feet) .. and being persuaded by almost every family member known to try ... today is the day I broke my taste-virginity to the ChickenFeet. BigOne did the persuasion effortlessly. But I only had one leg .. with 2 toes. That's it. It was OK .. nothing too wow or so yummy that I would have another serving. I jez don't fancy having sucking that thing in my mouth. I have stewed ChickenFeet with YellowBeans at home. It's amazingly delicious that I could have just that one dish with plain rice and it'll be enough. Only that .. being the "special" child at home .. they added the chicken meat for me. And yes, I'm the only one who eats the meat .. and the rest devours the ChickenFeet like hungry vultures. -I just don't get it !

Shopping was ... "fun" ... had all the time to myself to slowly choose, try, consider, pay, and queue throughout all 4 processes .. and not have anyone rushing me. I could enter any shop I want .. walk anywhere I wanted .. get lost .. and buy anything ugly and not being complained.

The sale is still on .. not that great .. beats none at all. I'm such a cheapo .. so I wasn't exactly broke. Haha~~ It wasn't exactly retail therapy .. I try to keep all purchases to a minimum, coz I just have too many new clothes with tags still on it!

BigOne picked me up some 5 hours later when I nearly broke my back and feet from all the walking. As if that wasn't enough, he smirked at my so-called "abilities" as a shopper. And fed me well again after losing all those dimsum calories. Headed to Spizza - great place for Pizza. We kinda lost faith in Gianni's for our delectable pizza coz they let us down after the 2nd and 3rd visit. If only Spizza opened in JB .. I'll mutate to become a turtle. Try Spizza the next time you're in Singapore .. it's at Club Street.

Recommended Pizza: Isabella - Tomato, Mozzarella, Parma Ham, Rucola Salad

and of course ... Tiramisu.

If you can't decide on which pizza to order .. they have an A-Z name for their pizzas .. jez take a stab at any, just like we were supposed to do Juliana and Vittoria, but ended up with Isabella and Margaritta. And I now eat Olives. Wow~~ I detest those things in my food! - Used-to .. and as-Was .. from now onwards!

I've been craving greens in these recent months .. and it has became worse these few weeks .. coz I've been suggesting to have "lei-cha" almost everyday, but too ashamed to say it out. Previously my lunch craving was "McDs" .. but I try not to do it coz the cough hasn't fully recovered yet and I have such a bad throat immune system. Rucola or Rocket Leaves (don't ask me .. he insisted!) is sooo yummy. Am so loving fresh greens that I feel like a cow now! Time to go to Cold Storage to stock up on them! - if only they have them!

* * * * * *

Was supposed to work-off all those sinful calories today .. but gave in to vegetation-meditation. Not eating greens .. but being no different than a "vegetable" and laze and sleep whole day.

They say you burn more calories sleeping than staying awake. I just put it to test. And it's just a lie .. tricking us to sleep early which is good for us. So what has it got to do with burning calories???!!!

* * * * * *

Time for bed .. the chicken essence is wearing out. And I'm gonna be soooo in for it tomorrow. Helloooooo Monday Blues!!!

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