Friday, July 20, 2007


Happy 2007.2007
Only happens once in a lifetime.
- wonder if anybody's getting married today.

Sorry for not posting any entries .. I've been really busy. Just to let you guys know I'm still alive and kicking. Workloads been piling up and I've been trying to breathe as much as possible.

Some quick updates ...

I nearly killed myself at yoga this week and my whole body is aching all over and it suxx so bad that I could barely walk properly. This is what you get for not being disciplined and overestimated my flexibility for the 2 years I've been practicing yoga - and this is due to the "luxurious" tai-tai life I've been living for the past 2 weeks or so .. just gluttoning out and not strain myself a single bit, just in case I broke my nails. AS IF !!!

My throat has been sore for the entire week and no amount of H2O is able to heal it. Even my own remedial mouthwash isn't able to cure it let alone soothe it. It's annoying! Major annoyance! When I have been labeling myself "SICK" for the entire week when I could still jump, run, do yoga, sing, scream, laugh, and blabber away. But I'm glad the stuffy nose is gone so that my nose would look an inch smaller than what it was then. I'm still SICK but to hell with it .. I'm having my McDs in another half an hour, which I know I will eventually DIE later. So much for having "good" friends that care for you ... and tempt your resistance to give into evil. - Hate you BigOne, you are so gonna have to make up for the damage you're gonna cause!

My printer does magic. Yeah .. when I thought the yellow ink was out, it didn't. In fact, it was still full ... but it just turned ..... GREEN ! No fucking way! I don't know how .. I don't know why .. I would love to know HOW and WHY but I just don't have the time to right now. So much for cost saving and using compatible cartridges. Cheapo ol' me !!! It ain't my money, why am I being a scrooge??!!! I am a good employee. Period.

I've finally watched Transformers (cannot be any later rite!!) and I loved it. Loved the soundtrack .. which I know is good coz I caught BigOne bopping his head to it. Gotcha! I'm still yet to find time to watch the old-skool 1980's transformer original movie I have in my lappie .. but I know I'll be doubly excited about the whole show despite having to watch it like more than 10 times since I was a kid. I have to learn to control my reflexes when being presented with something out of the norm. For example .. I exclaimed loudly when .. "Eh, Optimus Prime has a mouth!" .. and "Eh, how come Megatron is a jet?! He's supposed to be a stupid canon!" - and I was in a cinema. *sweat*

I have been deliriously happy but I ain't telling why. I will when the time comes. It's annoying isn't it? My quirky tail's out and its up to loads of mischieve! Hah !!!


constant craving said...

Prime's mouth, yeah that was a problem for me too, should have kept the darn mouth guard on the whole time! As for the Megatron being a jet thing, well, here's the explanation (at least that's what Mr Bay says!):

1) Megatron was one of the first few Cybertronians to develop flight capabilities, therefore it was only natural that he be given a Cybertronian jet form
2) Bay did not want any size changes with the transformations, so I suppose morphing from a giant robot into a hand held Walther P38 would have been inconsistent
3) Megatron would have looked plain dumb as a gun in a live action movie (that's what Mr Bay says anyway)

Does that answer your concerns? Hope so. Take comfort in the fact that Megatron did at least use his canon while fighting Prime in the movie :)

constant craving said...

Well now, deliriously happy are you..I'd hazard a guess and say you've met your Prince Charming maybe?

jamieternity said...

you are definitely a transformer freak! haha~ couldn't believe you actually went to the extent of finding the reasons behind megatron's modified character. he looks better though, instead of the crappy dark-vader cap he used to wear .. haha~ he looked really stupid in the cartoon, always frustrated with starscream! speaking of which, i've yet to see or hear starscream's voice in the movie!

constant craving said...

Starscream did speak in the movie, not much, but he did. Remember when Megatron reprimanded him at the dam (after waking up from cryostasis)? They spoke briefly there. Also, Megatron's robot form in the movie is actually much closer to his original Cybertronian form than you think.

Yeah..I guess I am a bit of a freak! Not only with Transformers though..I'm just a pure unadulterated freak..period!

jamieternity said...

you're amazing d'ya know that? and you can actually know all those jargons from the movie. haha~

not to worry, there's always a freak in all of us!

constant craving said...

Amazing huh? Moi? Sigh..wouldn't it be great to actually hear those words from finally be able to hear your voice..

Hey, what's there to life if there ain't hope keep on dreaming I say..

If there really is a freak in you, she would be a pretty cool freak :)