Friday, July 13, 2007

It's a Mad.Mad.World.

As expected, I've grown to like Shanghai abit more after all that misunderstood bitching I did last week. It didn't turn out to be so bad at all .. well, as mentioned, I'm easily "bribed" ... compensated from all the shopping I did. Where's my pride yo! But I do not take back everything I've said .. coz it's the fact. I just saw and experienced what many many people i.e. TOURIST (to be specific). It just ain't the same when you're there on business and on holiday .. coz you don't go to the shitty places I've been. But it was quite an experience though!

The company hasn't been mean enough to let me suffer my ass out without letting me enjoy abit .. I switched identities and became a TOURIST over the weekend, being suaku and all about everything in the city and tourists spots ... despite being there for the 3rd time.

The Shanghainese are a genious in ...... Xiao Long Bao. Overrated .. overcommercialized ... but nonetheless .. YUMMY! Don't ask me .. but I still can't tell the difference between Jiao-Zi, Wantan, Fried Jiao-Zi, Wuo-Tiet or watsoever thing that looks like a dumpling. To me .. they are all Jiao-Zi .. and all Jiao-Zi in Shanghai is nice whether steamed or fried or boiled or baked or any way for that matter.
A must meal after all that wholesale shopping in Qi Pu Road. Thanks to my sweet Shanghai colleague Wendy for being able to get everything I need at a dirt cheap price through connections. Not exactly D.I.R.T. cheap coz everything in Shanghai is expensive and they chop you like crazy. If you're a caucasian .. good luck to you, they will chop you using a bigger axe .. chainsaw perhaps!

Define "Expensive" in Shanghai.

Do NOT get anything of any brand that is familiar or not local. Chances are that it costs double or perhaps 50% more back home. According to sources, they discourages imported stuff. So if you know any Shanghainese whom buys designer lables in Shanghai .. they're farking rich then.

Another example: Pizza Hut. Only the rich dine there. It costs like RMB100 for a regular size pizza. Yes, that's about 5 times the price here. And their patroners are, I guess, affluential people in Shanghai. I checked out 2 socialite-Paris Hilton-lookalike decked out in their designer bags and expansively-stylish clothings ... dining in Pizza Hut.

Blardy hell .. and we can dine in Pizza Hut everyday in our lousiest PJs till we're so sick of it its not funny!

But Chin and I shopped at Zara in Shanghai & Hong Kong. Who does that man !!! Us Idiots !!!

* * * * * *
It's A Weird Country ... Part II
Due to controlled population measures, this is common in the country (i guess so?!)
But doesn't it sound weird in English? Macam a Sex Shop, only in a non-so-kinky way.

FYI .. that's chicken feet. Not someone's hand or embryo or anything misconceptive and inhumane like what you see in the internet.

They even have it in "drumstick". But hell ... you only get this in China ... and it's so weird!

* * * * * *

It feels darn good to set foot back to Hong Kong.

I would so love to be here forever ... with conditions of course.

NOT live in a pigeon hole condominium, NOT working here.

Just get some rich good looking guy to provide me with all my leisure needs .. afterall, it's a country to Shop, Eat, Party, and Relax. Haha! Dream On baby !!!!

Destination : Lan Kwai Fong

Thanks to Esther, who treated us to one of HK's most expensive char-chan-teng. Things costs like 3 times more than other places, and apparently many HK stars dine here after their drinking sessions in Lan Kwai Fong.

Another cut-throat restaurant. Roasted chicken, duck and pork never cost so expensive before. And I always thought the S$25 hainanese chicken rice in a hotel down Orchard Road in Singapore was the most ridiculous thing ever.

On weekends, they close up the streets, so you can go bar hopping and drinking on the streets and not be afraid to get knocked down by any vehicle. You could jolly well sleep there till the next morning if you're so pissed drunk.

Not found in Malaysia. BigOne will go .. HOEEEEEEEEEEEgarden. Stressing it as a female genetalia of course.

OK .. I'm jez posing just now. I'm such a bad drinker it's so insanely unbelievable. People just don't get it.

I had something un"contaminated" .. and everything on this menu is so Virginly-Uncontaminated with alcohol. My pick, SAFE Sex On The Beach. It doesn't come with any condoms or contraceptive items though *wink*

It's normal to see Stars in LKF. Esther has met a couple of them already - Lucky Bitch! I was quite lucky myself too .. was very close proximity to this guy who was filming his set. I have no idea who is he, shame on me, but accordingly, he's Wu Yao Han's son. Anyone know him?

He's very charming .. my kind of look .. very man! BigOne is pleased that I find men of sort attractive .... so that I will think he's cute.

Shameless! Shamelessly annoyingly cute! - But in a good way.

Down the alley to a bar known only to a certain "niche" of people ... in hopes to check out cute guys. Justin & Bryan are brothers, korean and stylishly-attractive. Whom apparently, Justin, is a stylist himself for alot of Korean Stars i.e. Rain, Kim Hee Seon, SeVen, Boa, Yoon Eun Hye (Goong), etc etc etc ... as he shared pictures in his mobile over our nicotine treat.

BTW, smoking is getting illegal in HK .. becoming more and more like Singapore, but still able to intoxified yourself with fumes down the street. Alot of preventive and discouraging measures have been taken, but this is by far, more ironic that the disgusting photos you see on the fag-box.

"A no smoking sign on your cigarette break"
- Ironic by Alanis Morrisette

* * * * * *

Back to Reality .. but still Hell.

Work back in the office piles up like Everest, and I'm still down here blogging. It's a Friday and it's 7:00pm. Give me some room to snake since I've been a good girl slogging my arse off in frustration a foreign world for the past 2 weeks.

Dreading to set foot in the office throughout the journey on the plane .. Should I or Should I Not take the day off tomorrow???

But BigOne made the whole ordeal back home so pleasing for me that my heart skipped about like a bunny and fluttered like a butterfly when the wheels of my plane screeched on Changi grounds. Landing was terrible .. but I didn't even notice it.


constant craving said...

Wow..I must say, it was a tad jarring seeing your face (though undoubtedly a stunningly gorgeous one) being paraded all over the mall like, it's like seeing you everywhere, even on the elevator doors! Boy, how does one handle that kind of exposure..

jamieternity said...

you're down here in jb ???
the advert is so misleading .. haha.. people assume that it's major exposure! but am still living my life as it always have been. nothing affected or changed .. am still the crazy ol'me. that's the way it should be aight? and glad i have ;)

constant craving said...

I'm always around..

jamieternity said...

you're supposed to be "far far far away" remember

constant craving said...

LOL..yeah you got me there..

constant craving said...

Maybe I really am Shrek..from The Land of Far Far would you like to be my Fiona? :P

jamieternity said...

i'd be ur fiona .. if only i was an ogre. unfortunately i am only human *wink*

who are you CC ...

constant craving said...

Darn, I guess ogres and humans can't be together can know, different worlds and all that bs..

Well, I guess I better go get that magic potion from my fairy Godmother then..magically morph into a human and present myself for your consideration again..

jamieternity said...

would you ever do that? present yourself in front of me? and losing your anonymity as CC?

gosh .. i can't wait!

but a hint .. do i know you personally? as in, have we actually met and know of each other's existance?

constant craving said...

Well, I know of your existence, and that's all that really matters right?

You sure you can't wait? What if you don't like what you see? That would break my I guess maybe it's best I adore from afar.

Don't get me wrong though, I don't really look like Shrek or anywhere near that "cute", in fact I think I look ok (well, there's a spot of self confidence for you!). Ultimately though, only you know what type of tea you like right..

This is why I like words, words are pure, words are beautiful, words do not judge you for your looks, or character. You choose what words you like..and sometimes, a few special ones jump out and chooses you. I hope you like the words I present to you too :)

constant craving said...

Maybe we could chat..if you're up for it. If you feel sure enough that I'm not some crazed serial killer you could give me your msn address..only if you feel certain I'm not some sort of criminal, of course :)

jamieternity said...

ur words are superb. you must read alot .. right?

constant craving said...

Not as much as I'd like to anymore these days..what with work and all.

But yeah, I do love to read, and am generally curious just about everything really. I'm like a cornucopia of knowledge, though quite often inane I must say!

You should read more too, it's invigorating when you pour knowledge into the limitless human mind. You know, it has been said that the average person uses around 10% of their brain..Einstein only used an extra 1%. Just magine the possibilities if you could tap into that vast wilderness of the human psyche..

Men have a somewhat built in superiority complex..we always think we're smarter than the ladies! I for one, know that ain't true. You, my lady, are the perfect embodiment of the exquisiteness of the female psyche.

You are truly special :)