Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Higher State of Unconsciousness

I'm officially sick. Though still able to move about like any other normal day .. but the mind isn't focusing well enough. The medication prescribed by my doc is too strong to handle. Double dosage of antibiotics, extremely-drowzy cough mixture and extremely-drowzy flu pills. I've never felt this "high" before .. let alone move my limbs at all. I only have this vague memory of what I did or said after being intoxicated by the so-called medicines. Aren't they supposed to make you feel better???!!!! I don't .. for the first half of the day in the office, my mind was wandering about .. not focusing particularly on anything and spacing out every other 10 minutes or so. Everything seems to be rather bright and glittery .. I can't focus my sight as well. But so at least .. trying to keep the mind moving properly by trying to blog now.

So what is it exactly like to get high? I have not been able to experience such "climatic feeling" as described by pill-popping-enthusiasts .. or alcohol-drowners .. coz I do neither one of those. I fail miserably at alcohol consumption as most will know and least have seen the ugly side of me. So the only resort was getting high on my cough mixture. And it doesn't feel that good at all .. I would rather have feverish symtomps. And just to clarify, NO i did not purposely take double dosage of my cough mixture to get high, and I wouldn't be so stupid or "boh liao" to do so. Though the double dosage of antibiotics is making me feel the "out of body and mind experience" now .. and therefore .. I NEED LUNCH !

I've just gotten back "some" of my voice, after suffering from speech defect for the second time in my 25 years of living. I wonder from time to time if this is considered "sick" coz I ain't suffering from any feverish or severe throat irritation or nose floods or anything of that sort. BigOne thinks I'm taking advantage of the "I'm Sick" to be extra manja to beg for more sayangs. Don't we all wanna be pampered like a baby when we're feeling under the weather?

I have a sudden urge to bitch about the world of medicine just after lunch. Just so happened that I've encountered bad incidences (though not mine..thank god for that). P.Diddy's admitted to the hospital and has to be kept there for observation. The man's in good shape for crying out loud and he has sat there in his ward like an idiot and not even checked upon by his doctor. And he has to go through that for another day .. hopefully he gets to check-out tomorrow. According to nurses, he's too busy to finish his rounds. Duhhh !!! And what, Diddy has to wait there like an idiot to get checked up? Why not give him an appointment time so he can come back the next day after a good slumber in the comfort of his own home?!

His poor roommate isn't that well off. The poor man is suffering from 3rd degree colon cancer. Previously he did came in for an operation, but 1-2 months later, he was admitted again. This time they opened him up and to find that he has 5-6 cancerous cells .. the doc freaked out and closed it, refusing to remove it. What kind of idiot is he? Think wat, some kind of experimental toy for you to open and close as you like?! His family has already accepted the fact that the poor dude's buying as much time as he could. And the air-cond nearly killed him the day before coz it was too cold and the nurse/emergency button didn't really worked. I pity the poor fella and disgusted with the EFFICIENCY of the hospitals here in JB .. let alone specialist hospitals. Name only SPECIALIST .. charge lebih only. *haiz*

Another incident is of my Sista-Gis's sis's delivery .. it was an emergency situation due to pre-mature complications and they arrived like in the wee mornings .. only to find that the doc was grumbling about the fact that she hasn't really slept or had her breakfast yet! #$%^&*(*&^%$# !!!!!!! Utter utter disgrace !!! To think that they actually are live savers .. sometimes we wonder if it's their passion to do so or just an obligation that they dred so much just to justify their 10 years in medical school.

But then again .. it's always those who made the mistakes that cause such stereotyping. We humans are always taking things for granted. The success and heroic stories of doctors and nurses are quickly forgotten and the minor/simplest mistakes are always remembered for life. It's not an easy job where you can sleep and forget everything after 5pm and I salute the passion that they have put in. This only applies to THOSE who DESERVE them.

Everything done must be with a passion ... if not, don't even do it at all, coz you're never gonna get the best of it.


constant craving said...

Hope you get well soon..

jamieternity said...

thanks .. i'm well !