Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ready for the high

The simplest thing that brings me smiles .. nothing material .. just plain effort to make me smile. *big big grin* Thank you.

* * * * * *

Sorry peeps for not updating any sooner ... or updating with more graphical content. I know you guys .. i mean MALE per se .. crave these stuff here, especially when I get back from some event and post pics of me with other chicas. Am I not the chica too ? Haha~ Well, am glad to know that Howe actually start reading me blog literal content .. well, at least for that one time off I guess! Haha~ Patience my dearsssss .. patience is a virtue. And I guarantee the next entry will be one filled with Babes Galore !

And tomorrow the cam-whoring starts! Up up up we go ... to Genting for the Loreal Hair/Charity Show. Each year Loreal will organize some Hair Show at Genting at a huge scale (this is as far as I know .. yet to get my facts right) and I will be ambassading H2O Hair Studio. Geline already knows what her style is gonna be .. and already did her fitting and rehearsals .. kiasu dao~~~ (FYI, she's not for H2O) And I guess, my battalion is gonna do the impromtu thingy. Sure gonna be hell of fun .. already feeling the high since yesterday, hopefully it will be .. and I'll blog about the stratosphoric experience (i'm exaggerating) when I'm back. Well, at least we'll be partying and having fun all da way with loads of models and babes and more babes .. and even more babes nationwide (i'm exaggerating again).

* * * * * *
Miguel Migs

Was introduced to this fine DJ who spins off house and chill-out music over the weekend, and by Monday, am already excavating my way through the net searching for this yet to be listed in my fav list DJ for his refined works. And I love it. Sorry if I have dishonored such a fine artiste by downloading his works from the big web, but I have to live with something before I actually hit a proper store that actually carries his album. And if you guys have not forgetten, I live in this god-forsaken place which screams monotonous living.

And if you like the featured music on my page, yes, that's on of Mig's works. Simply brilliant. Light .. smooth .. chill ... just brilliant !

Am yet to explore the tunes from his ride, so far it has been impressive and I find men with good taste in music ... very sexy !

* * * * * *

Blogger has gone nuts and I can't upload pics. The frustration is eating its way through my inspired mind to blog. And therefore, I shall continue later when I'm feeling much better.

* * * * * *
Fantastic .. Fantastic Not

Finally caught the Fantastics .. but turned out it wasn't that fantastic at all. Main reason that drew us to the movie was of course .. Miss Alba herself. Who can resist??!!! I started loving her in Honey .. and the Deep Blue Sea (which came first?) She jez oozes babelicious factor in every single way. And man .. those ass rocks! Haha! Starting to sound really homo here .. but ain't that why God made us women that way? To look good and to be admired? Men do adorn beautiful bodies as well .. but we don't see many of their own species drooling over their own kind rite. I think God is jez a genius .. or his R&D department for that matter .. in creating the female silhouette.

Back to the movie. Damn she's grabbing all the attention! She looked kinda funny with the blonde updo and all .. but still hot. Story line was kinda .. well .. I feel .. childish. It's a comic, rite? For kids? Am no movie critique, and it didn't annoy me that much, and it was OK .. so I'll jez pass with the bitching. Surfer dude there was kinda hot .. despite no bulge in the mid area him being a male. I actually noticed the tiny details there .. what a perv! Victor da Boom (or whatever his name was .. so totally forgettable) was lame and a loser .. his role in the movie was sooo .. ______ (jez fill in the blanks with whatever you think is appropriate coz I'm lost at it) that ommitting him from the movie could save some costs to the production.

Overall .. I give it a .. 5/10. OK ... 6.5 for the humor and cute dudes there. *wink*


constant craving said...

Guess what..Samsung's finally got their latest gizmo out..U700..and I just got it..woohoo! Check it out..I'm sure you'll love it..

constant craving said...

I was wondering..where do I send that Migs cd you want?

jamieternity said...

cool !! damn samsung! their phones are all like models man .. nice to see .. only those game enough are able to own them! grrr~~ envy envy !!

it's ok CC .. you don't have to send me anything. my blog isn't to tell ppl that i want things from them. jez to share .. sharing is caring. go get it .. its fab!

constant craving said...

I already have it :)

jamieternity said...

already have what? the cd? enjoy it then .. hope u liked it !