Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rise n Shine Porcupine

It's been a while since I've got up sooooo early on a working day .. and today I clocked 6.30am ! Amazing ! Macam I have a choice since I had to catch a flight to KL for a meeting. Usually I don't get up till like 8.30am .. brain awake at 8.00am from the alarm and snoozed it all the way for another good half hour. All geared up and ready to make my day a productive one .. I arrived at the office some 4 hours later to find that the managers are not in till like noon. *3 lines ... and loads of gray area around my forehead* So much for being enthusiastic about the day.

My dad commented on my fugly looking luggage .. "Eee..why use so paria bag, got nicer ones ler" Macam I know .. and it's my fault for packing in the middle of the night when everyone's asleep to let me know that there are much better looking bags available in the house. And he went on further .. "Spoil image only .. pretty gal walking around with an ugly bag" I have loads of pretty looking overnight bags k .. but they just don't have the double zipper where I can lock it for check-in. And to hell with all those serial bombers/terrorists/arseholes/etc whom disrupts the well-being and conveniences to our daily lives that we aren't able to fly at the comfort of our own space anymore. Shheeeshhhh !! It's so mah-fan for use girls when we have so much skincare and toilettries to carry around .. and it's ridiculous to actually ask us to transfer it to a transparent bottle of 100ml max each. Think duty free have to start selling their travel set in transparent packaging now! Joke is .. I checked-in my luggage .. which only weiged 3kg.

Retail-theraphy. I am resisting myself from spending too much, at least locally .. coz am gonna so slurge on my business trip to Shanghai and Hong Kong next month. MNG is on sale today .. went to the outlet yesterday and spent 1/2 hour or so there trying on clothes and more clothes and more clothes... only to find that I can't purchase till the next day! Tempted to buy so many dresses but my mind kept resisting me from it .. and the subliminal sound of "Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai" kept buzzing in my ears. Jasmine sent me an early text saying "The MNG Sales in on Now!" .. great, tell me about it and i'm in KL. By the time I get back tomorrow all sizes will be gone.

Come envy me! I have to reward myself in some way .. after slogging for the whole entire week to boring, tedious and rigid internal auditing work. so "looking forward". Am so loving my job .. shop as you work. But it's gonna be a long trip and I'm gonna be so home sick missing everyone like mad back here ... and it blows to know that roaming's gonna kill me and that I have limited access to the phone! I have daily routines you know! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Finally found someone who can fix my PSP .. yea, for a rip-off price of RM160+! According to the shop .. the technician is the only one in JB who knows how to fix or is the only one who is "willing" to modify my V3.11. What nonsense! Am just too lazy to go hunting for a cheaper bargain at Holiday Plaza .. so should I jez let him rip me off? Dammit !!! Guys, do let me know where I can get it modified cheaper in JB .. need to get it done by this weekend. Greatly appreciate your assistance.


constant craving said...

You know that's cheating on the list right? Buying yourself the phone ain't exactly a pressie you know..but I guess everyone deserves to pamper themselves a little sometimes!

Now, I wonder what kind of girl you are when it comes to cars? Taste in cars tells a lot about a's 2 models, which one is more you:

1) OTT Muscle bound American Brawn - Dodge Nitro

2) Subtly sexy & sleek Japanese fashion statement - Mazda CX-7

Which are you? Street cred or subtle chic? I've got a feeling you're a "Best Of Both Worlds" kind of girl..wonder if there's such a car..any suggestions? Your input is much appreciated!

jamieternity said...

Well .. it's my wish list, didnt specifically said they must be given by someone else, did i? :)

Cars cars cars ... hmm .. i do have some preferences. I love the Nissan Fairlady .. Mini .. obviously the Beemer .. etc etc .. and of course the SLR. I prefer sporty cars to big hunky ones. Not exactly turbo sporty but more lux-sporty. If only I could afford it !!! I will ... in the future !!

From your choices, I'll go with the Mazda CX-7. Subtle chic if you might call it. But spot on .. am the "Best of Both Worlds" kind as well. I used to go for 4x4 trips into jungles, enduring the bumps and dirt and mud .. river bathing, leech bites, and relieving myself in the open. So .. how does that correlate with SLR ? hehe~~

constant craving said...

Damn! SLR..boy are you aiming high! Though I must say, the SLR is kind of a muscle car too ain't it..

Who wouldn't want that car! But how many could actually cars that cost half a mil though..and that's in USD mind you! You could probably buy a freaking mansion in JB for that! could probably buy 2 freaking mansions! :)

Tells me a lot about you..and great input too..will help me make my darn mind up at least..

jamieternity said...

Hey .. it's jez a preference. It may be soo unrealistic like the SLR, but don't we all drool at that? hehe ...

For a more realistic target, I'll have to go with the Mini Cooper. Nice car for a lady eh ... stunning. Not too loud, but yet it still shouts. :)

So which one you're getting? The Mazda??

constant craving said...

Man..I don't know..this one's a real toughie..

Kind of like the macho OTT road presence of the Nitro..and it has got that Dodge badge after all! Trust me, the car looks much more menacing in the flesh. However, being a pussy with everything I do, I'd probably end up with the Mazda, or some other sexy little number. Plus, I don't quite see myself in a car more suited to a gangsta rapper like 50 cent :) We'll see..

Yes, well, who wouldn't drool over that pure sex on wheels is truly a sight to behold :)

p/s: yeah, the mini is kind of cute I guess..but I've never really been into small cars though..