Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Color For Life

An experience never to be missed. As promised, I've uploaded loads of pics .. there's a whole lot more, but it's not like it's facebook or anything rite. It's been a while since I've actually travelled on a bus further than JB-KL ... the last time was from JB to Penang, and I swore that from that time onwards, I'll never take a bus up to Penang again. Nobody understands the torture that I went through ... or perhaps that I'm jez terribly spoilt ! Haha~ But the ride up to Genting wasn't that bad at all .. although it took like more than 6 hours to get there. Could do in 5 if only that it was able to climb the hill faster. Seriously .. it was so slow that if you needed to pee so badly, you could very well hop off and release yourself, and jog back to the bus and still make it. Then I went on to make a statement to Eloise and Caster who immediatelly rolled their eyes on me when I went "If I owned a bus/transport company ..." ... I would have this special fleet of buses, all modified with bigger engines for trips up hills i.e. Genting, Bukit Tinggi, etc etc.

The whole event was tiring .. but nevertheless fun ! Imagine, there're like about 100 models i.e. babes up there .. and partying with them, and seeing high profile models in the likes of Raja Azura (she's jez amazing ... loads of attitude and style .. and killer legs and body to die for).

The Event : Loreal Colour For Life - Malaysian Hairdressers for Children with AIDS.
Theme: H2O's chosen theme was Wind. Yea .. so much wind that they blew away part of our hair ! ooppsss ......
Result: Excellent ! We were the first one up, and according to many, we rocked the show !

It doesn't get any cooler than this when you have such cool backstage passes! I've always never regarded myself to be a pro-model ... too humble?? or jez plain sua-ku?! *sweats*

H2O's chosen 3 goth mannequins. Most of you guys will go "Macam Hantu" but look from the artistic perspective .. the overall image it's really unique and amazing! Dresses were amazingly gorgeous and flattering, thanx to the talented D'Cel by Daniel Chong & team.

The stylist whom is responsible for my image .. Bon. I cannot help but keep looking at him coz he resembles Dydo soooooo much, his actions and all .. soooo Dydo!

After Event Madness

Food, Alcohol, Loud Loud Loud, Gambling, Noise Noise Noise, and loads of Cam Whoring.

Safari always sucked, but macam we have a choice up there in the bewildered hills. And how could we leave Genting without having a hand at the table? About 15 of us entered the casino all high and loud, and I swore that we would be so blacklisted from the casino if they were to take actions against us. We entered making a whole racket on what to bet on, and we finally decided that we all pool some cash together, being terribly cheap of RM10 per person, to bet on Big-Small. And we turned heads .. really .. there were like 8 tables of blackjack, baccarrat, roulet, etc .. and everyone literally stopped to look at us when we all strolled passed the tables in search of our prospective table. And the joke was, I overheard this moron who went (in cantonese) "Meng seng ler .. chim meng aa" (celebrities ler .. go get autograph) *3 lines* Well, I can't blame that guy .. coz in the group, there were models, stylists and designers .. all whom are naturally stylo lorrr .. perasan case! We made a hell of noise at the table .. seriously .. it was bad. But we each made RM20 .. so it wasn't so bad eh .. haha. Kelvin still owe us CoffeeBean from the remaining winnings! Thank god it was 4am, otherwise the manager would have thrown us out .. for .. (1) making so much noise .. think wat, cheapo gambling den??!! (2) being cheap and bet so little .. although it was like RM200 per bet but average out of RM10 per person! (3) distracts other gamblers, dealers, passerby, faux gamblers, etc etc (4) taking advantage of their free beverages (5) giving our dealer a hard time .... but hey, they had fun too .. so did the other chikopek uncles who came by our table jez to check us out !

I texted Geline and Jasmine to come over join us, coz we agreed to create havoc here .. but they chose to S.L.E.E.P. So babes ... this is what you have missed out on !

Created by Billy, my stylist and Team Manager of H2O Jusco. FYI, nothing smelled there.

Elle Salon's Trademark Robotic Pose. I would like to clear any misunderstanding that we're not making fun of you guys .. we think that you guys are brilliant in coming up with such idea that left such a great impact on us that we cannot forget. And if it was so uncool, we wouldn't continue to be retarded with your poses. *no sarcarsm is involved in the making of this statement* Sekian, terima kasih.

And thanks to the genius (whoever he/she is) for inventing the timer function so that no one is missed out from such fun of insane group pics!

If only Kelvin could be a little less perverted. But that's they way he is .. uniquely cute!

And last but not least .. a tribute to our Lao-Ban .. Andy Chan of H2O, though not forgetting Lao-Ban-Niang Penny, who is amazingly cute and big hearted.

How can we ever miss this pic ???!!!!

But I missed the Ah-Yee Bao-Yee (Ah Yat Abalone) ! At a promotion rate of RM99++ (per person) from RM198++ for an 8 course meal. Geline, you should come joined us the night before, gamble, win your RM500, and treat me to the abalone meal as promised. Grrrr~~~

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