Monday, June 11, 2007


It's been quite some time since I have a quiet weekend. I guess it's some kind of cycle of life where it's like a roller coaster ride .. up's and down's. I could still remember several weeks/months back when it's all hyped and full of activities .. roaming and prancing here and there which ended up with alot of misconception on what person I really am. It's amusing when there was someone who came up to me and commented that I was a Party-Girl - Helloooo!!! And I retaliated "You sooo freakingly don't know me well". Oh come on .. Party-Girl ?? My perception of it is very degrading, like some hussy trying hard to be-seen and be-known by everyone by patronizing clubs and events almost every other day of the week. And sorry, I rather be labled GEEK instead of a PG .. Socialite doesn't sound that bad either, but that's one hell of a role .. too much pressure to handle .. and doesn't justify the current society level that I am in right now. Being a LP is much easier, non-conforming to the peer pressure, norms and expectations of the society.

I need a breather ... and I successfully had it for the past 2 weeks. Been a Goody-Two-Shoes by isolating myself to being confined to my sweet 'ol room. Seriously .. Sundays have never passed so slowly for the longest time ever! But I made full use of the time to get alot of things done .. well .. not that many considering that I had the laptop on and internet connected, which glued my darn arse to the the chair and strained my eyes to the screen. It's an addiction I can't seem to get rid off. My mom doesn't understand how I do it .. guess on my bro knows. But then again he's gaming .. so it's a whole different agenda. Managed to clear my room, made my bed more beautiful and cosy, worked-out, pampering myself etc etc. Feeling good !

Got a text from an old acquaintance over the weekend on whether I'd was up in KL for the event. And all I could do was sigh'ed and replied that I had stuff to do. I've already tai-chi'ed down my urge to be there for the past couple of weeks coz no one seems to be eager about it except moi, and someone had to bring it up again. Grrrrrr~~ Don't care .. next event must go! So tempted to make my way up that Saturday noon but thank god the lazy-bug incinerated every living cel in my body to even wanna do anything. So now I can only read about it while rolling my eyes and twitching my mouth, while every other people blog about how amazing it was and procrastinated about the humidity and scarce supply of fluids.

* * * * * *
How many days in a week do we need to work is adequately enough to justify that we have enough rest?

The same topic is brought up during out threesome breakfast meeting every Monday morning.

D: Tired laa .. not enough rest over the weekend.
J: Yea .. I rested too much .. but still not enough. Think we need to work 4 days and rest 3 days
C: Propose to boss laa ..
D: Yea .. work 3 days and rest 4 days
J: Crazy aa ... there's only 7 days in a week .. we can't do less than 50% !

Tell me about it. Don't work and be a Tai-Tai .. have too much time in your hands that you complain being boring. Work .. complain no time for almost anything. And every other morning, I will give myself a motivation booster and tell myself I need to make full use of my time and be productive. Doesn't seem to work for the 1st half of the day .. warming up time is taking too slow. Perhaps I will be after lunch .. it'll be another 10 minutes before Gis gives me a call to start heading to our lunch venue. Perks me up now, considering the fact that I'll be getting bday prezzie from her .. yay ! Speak of the devil~ -TBC-

I am now some kind of ambassador for Crabtree & Evelyn 'coz I've receive yet another prezzie of such. Haha~ I'll be smelling of Rosewater from now onwards as I have approx 1/2 year to a year's supply of sweet rose smelling lotions *big big grin* If only they have their perfume it'll jez accentuate what I smell like a mile away. But of course .. it'll be another 2 years before my EnvyMeII finishes! Haha~

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constant craving said...

Crabtree..nice..but I'm kinda sick of it now..I get a pack of the stuff everytime I the shaving cream though! Not that you will ever need that :p