Thursday, June 14, 2007


From time to time, I would be hit with a terrible dillemma which requires me to make a decision within the shortest period of time. And this morning I received a phone call with the great big news. What a way to start the day. Whether it is good or bad .. I'm still yet to make a decision.

It's cramming every single living grey cell in my brain .. To Go or Not To Go. Someone made me an incredible job offer I can't say No to. And even if I did .. it would be something that has a great impact on me. Wonder what ...

Tell me about it .. Amazing pay hike .. Established corporation .. Nice huge ass office .. a Boss whom I can kamching all the way with .. load of potential Learning and Knowledge .. and adds a strong point to my Resume.

I feel very honoured that people believe in my abilities and are able to see the potential in me. Sometimes I don't even see that in me .. too modest? or simply just undermining my own abilities? This isn't the first time .. and certainly won't be the last. I've been receiving very attractive and also very ambiguous job offers .. sometimes too big of a task to handle .. and thanks for believing that I am able to handle it. Being constantly head-hunted is very flattering to one's ego.

But each time .. I reach a turning point .. do I just go straight on the highway, or explore the unknown? Should I just let it pass me by yet again .. and hoping for another turning point to come by when I'm much more ready? To leave my comfort zone? To leave my family and friends? My son? Would I regret it?

It's time to wake up .. Head feels heavy .. Heart feels heavy. If only someone or something would just make the decision for me, wouldn't life be so much simpler?


crossroads said...

Constantly and hopelessly craving for your daily replies..but nothing over the past few days :( Oh well, life goes on :)

Anyway, let me offer you a little nugget of my ever so slightly skewed "wisdom"..sorry if it's a little preachy, but you really struck a cord in me with your post:

Life is filled with corners and junctions..which turns you take require a lot of careful pondering. Where you end up at ranges from "the insignificant" to "the lessons learned" to the ever elusive "life changing"..which category does this job offer fall into? That's the 1st question that needs answered.

Highways are there for reasons that are attractive to the meek at heart..they serve as safe passageways with big ass signs assuring you reach your destination in a timely and most importantly, safe fashion. Is this what you want? Choosing the "safe" road all the time? Safe is good, sure, but it sure as hell ain't exciting!

Or are you interested in taking the less familiar "unknown" route? It might just turn out to be a shortcut that leads to a wonderful new city..or it may lead to nowhere..either way, what do you have to lose? Nice big new city? Cool, stay awhile and explore a little! Road leading nowhere? Fine, get back on the main road and move on to the next junction! You are still young you know!

I truly believe everyone goes through at least 3 life changing crossroads in his/her life..
I've been through 2 in mine, both leading to wonderful new cities (literally!), so I'm not looking at going through another one anytime many have you been through? Are you ready for the next one?

Ok..I'll stop my rambling now..I'm probably boring you! For what it's worth, you are an amazing lady! Intelligent and sophisticated..far more than anyone I do yourself a favor, give credit where it's!

p/s: just thought I'd change my handle to your mood..hope that tickles your fancy :)

jamieternity said...

Thanks for the advice. There's much to be considered for this job. After the alot of thinking last night, I will talk to my current boss regarding this, go check out the new place, and can make a decision.

I've a bonding with this company and to my boss, and being responsible, and to be fair to him as well, I can't just leave him in a lurch, although the new comp wants me seriously that they even agree to buy me out.

3 crossroads .. well, I think I did go through 1 or 2 before .. somewhat not job related or maybe indirectly job related. But this crossroad is definitely a life changing one .. that's why i'm in this huge dillemma. Though, both are not on the highway coz I need to consider the prospects of both companies .. where they can take me.

I'll keep ya updated on the progress and the outcome. Wish me luck !!

p/s# I did keep ya in suspense with my silence for a couple of days didn't i .. hehe. you can switch back to "constant craving" now.. :) have a great day ahead!

constant craving said...

That you did my dear..that you certainly did!

I was a total wreck the past few days! Like a cocaine addict constantly craving for his fix..and finding out that his crack dealer had decided to go on hoildays! sniff sniff..

Anyway, good luck and Godspeed on your new endeavours..whatever they end up being..