Saturday, June 09, 2007

Every reason to smile

I'm beginning to be more of an ang-moh these days .. hanging out at home in my jeans like how you guys see them do on TV. Or perhaps I'm just getting lazier and dirtier day-by-day that I simply refuse to go shower or change when I get back from roaming around town, until the very last moment of the day before I hit the sack.
I need to change this habit. And a whole list of other habits ... *sweats*

* * * * * *
And there was new life ...

Most women are skeptical when it comes to childbirth .. not only you have to endure the suffering of child labor, but also the post birth body distortments. Fear No More .. we have living proof that this will all be a myth and the exact opposite !!!

Michelle a.k.a. Mrs. Dr. Chan (it's so cool when you have 2 addressee's in ur name) is finally a mummy .. to the cutest, loveliest baby ever .. Baby Andrew. And she's glowing man .. full of radiance. She was complaining to me over the phone a few days back that she's soo out of shape and clueless to what to wear to her baby shower this noon. Oh pleaseee~~~~ the first thing she asked me when I arrived was "Am I fat" .. Hellooo~~~ FAT does not even exist in her dictionary .. even during pregnancy! She was her normal size .. only with an inflated belly. And now, she looks even better than before ... post pregnancy glow & radiance! And Baby Andrew will grow up and tell his friends proudly next time .. "My mom is a babe .. she's Hot .. and she still is!" Congrats to Michelle and Dr Chan !

Good features rite!!! Nice face shape .. nice nose .. sexy lips .. sure lady-killer next time. Registration of future marriage arrangements are open. I've already signed up! Haha~

* * * * * *
Miss Cultural Malaysia 2007

Was invited to be judge and to crown the winner of this pageant. It's the first year .. and the event was a success. Candidates were all good .. very lovely of course. All babes .. voluptuous babes ... and I watched and oggled and drool in envy as I was interviewing them during pre-judging. Haha .. perverted ol' me !

Great Job girls .... all very stunning ... all very pretty ! And I'm proud to have more additions to my babes-friends. I'm sure more guys wanna be my friend now eh ...

The Top 6 Winners: (L-R) Jessie (5th) .. Veronica (3rd) .. Caster (1st) .. Fion (2nd) .. Selena (4th) .. and Agnes (6th).

The Penang troop was babelicious .. Fion is one of them, and I love her demure'ness. Sometimes I wished I wasn't to psyco-hyped. But that's just me .. can't help it. Can't wait to see ya in Penang. Land of Babes .. i'm serious .. no Shit !

And moi ... so not wanting to be left out .... as usual .. hahaha~~~

so so so narcissist of me ..

... and as usual .. I look like a drag queen in thick make up. I didn't know that the base was too light for my skin .. blame it on the poor lighting, the make up artists had a hard time too .. very very frustrating. If only I hadn't diverted my attention by being so engrossed in yacking away on the phone. So typical of me .. kapster .. that's what they call me in Penang.

* * * * * *
My Birthday .... again ! *roll eyes*

25th Year Birthday was a blast ! Simple .. but the best !


6-in-1 .. from Hyatt Regency. I get to cut my cake 6 times.

However, the Tiramisu wasn't as good as the day before's ... and I'm beginning to have a fancy in it .. Italiano Tiramisu. I'll be looking forward to the day I taste the authentic Tiramisu in Italy. On the other hand ... does it originate from Italy? Confident lebih only ... haha~ But the coincidence is just too likely, you'll never fail to find it on the menu in an Italian restaurante.
First candle .. for passing the first quarter-century mark

Prezzies Galore

I was telling Geline a while ago .. "Being Shameless Pays" !! I now have 3 strikes off my list .. thanks to all the wonderful people who wonderfully and generously parted with their loot just to make me happy. So far .. these are my "collections". They're more coming .. and I'm yet to start my "Debt Collection" ... haha. I know I'm so gonna make people envy hate me by publisizing the items. They'll probably go .. "Hao Lian" .. "Sua-ku .. never get before mer" .. or something else uneasy on the ears, heart and mind. But I wanna extend my gratefulness to them.


Geline .. no need to envy ... you have so much more! For more info on Tiffany craze or anything I would wanna blog on Tiffany .. head to Geline's Blog .. she wrote whatever I wanna blog about. Thanks for the help. Haha~

Most people out there think I don't need this coz I'm a G-I-R-L!
Complete rubbish! I'm so gonna be hooked on it! It's utterly stereotyping us females to be less tech/game savvy. I'll show you. Cool gift .. am loving it ! Envy me now ppl ! Haha~

Sorry Vic, you gave me a new "boyfriend" .. while you stay monogamous to your TV, I on the other hand will polygamous to my laptop, my camera .. and my PSP!

... and on top of all of the prezzies i've got .... nothing beats this !

P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S !
Brings instantaneous smile to everyone. Guess that's what sunflower's do.

Even though it's suffering from cronic cancer and underwent major chemo theraphy .. it still lives on .. and despite being completely bald, it still brings a smile .. plus laughter to my face.

* * * * * *
I didn't know we're able to make transactions with our ATM card.
It says "we prefer ATM card" .. so now what, credit cards are not all that rave anymore?
It's a freaking cybercafe/cafe .. and it hell doesn't have any ATM machine in it. Perhaps they provide cash withdrawing services when you don't have enough to pay, and they charge a "premium" for it. You'll know when your account has depleted in half .. or maybe all.


Geline said...
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Geline said...

You lucky bitch, i dont know know plot the plan how long before can get those prezzies. A friend of mine just commented she prefer to got those on her own how do you think?? Save the $$ to buy Gucci better hor.
U look damn gorgeous with the crown gal, you should faster go n join Ms Universe. Trust me, you sure can make it.

jamieternity said...

yea .. sometime we women need to have some backbone for ourselves. but nevertheless it is in our nature to be pampered. we didn't force them de!!! gucci~~ can smell it from here dee .. hahaha~

thanks babe! but as u know, Miss Malaysia Universe pageant is kinda complicated de ... enuff liao laa, too old to be beauty queen dee.