Wednesday, June 06, 2007

25th Year of Living

It's My Birthday .. I'm 25 ..
I'm a Quarter Century Old !

It has been the best birthday so far .. really ! Never been happier !
Thanks to the people who made my day .. I Love You !!!!!! Big Hugs & Kisses !!!!!!
Prezzie's have been pouring in .. good good presents !

Ohhhh ... I'm so loving 25 !

Happy .. Ecstatic .. Elated .. Thrilled .. Pleased .. Blissful .. Lucky .. Exultant .. Overjoyed ..

19 comments: said...

Happy birthday & wish all your dreams come true, Ryan

constant craving said...

A Big Happy Birthday To You! Did you get any of the stuff in your list of "wanted" pressies? I hope you did! I was just you know why I've been avoiding the subject on my identity? It's simply because..I know you'll want absolutely nothing to do with me if you knew who I was..that's all..I don't mean to be mysterious or anything..Anyway, have a wonderful 25th!!!

constant craving said...

And I'm already too fond of your blog, and you of course, to want that to happen.. :)
Now start striking out the list so I know what you got!!!

jamieternity said...

jeeezzzz .. oh come on. why put urself in such a state where you assume that i will totally isolate myself from you? so perhaps there's a slightest possibility that i may know who you are. and there's also a fraction of possibility that we may have crossed each other's paths before but it didn't go to well with it? and if it was so, all is gone and forgiven, but never forgotten. no point hovering upon the unnecessary grudges and hatred. life goes on, and leaving unhappiness truly makes an individual happier .. dont you agree?

constant craving said...

Smart lady :)

1) Yes, you may know me, or at least know of me, but indirectly..
2) The closest we've come to crossing paths is probably a brief one sided moment at one of your regular watering, no, no ill feelings between fact no feelings of any sort :)
3) So, no dwelling on grudges or hatred of any kind..there's nothing of that sort to harbour..

However, trust me, there's a reason I said what I said..though, maybe not directly due to's I'm confusing even myself!!!

p/s: that's sad, only 2 strikes off that list huh.. :(

jamieternity said...

so i'll respect ur decision on keeping ur anonymity. perhaps till ur ready one day. :) life goes on yo~

jamieternity said...

hey ... 2 strikes is already alot ... considering it's the IMPOSSIBLE WISH LIST ! Haha ~ more strikes coming soon ~

constant craving said...

Well..yeah..that list of yours is pretty darn ambitious!

constant craving said...

Can I get to know you better? You know..what movies do you like..what cuisine..what drinks..etc etc..that sorta thing..

jamieternity said...

yea .. i know .. and i thought of adding a couple more to it? can i? haha~~~

cuisin .. i love italian and french
drinks .. am not good at alcoholic beverages, am such a failure, and ppl don't understand why i actually do 'party' when i don't drink. i do martinis (so amature) .. and i love tomato juice!
movies .. just about anything la!
songs .. just about anything as well, nothing lazer or techno or gibberish or annoying. can update my current craze through the songs i post in the blog.

other updates on me .. can check out my friendster account:

have a great weekend ahead ya !

constant craving said...

Thanks for the mini biography! I love French..which is kinda weird considering I don't eat escargot and foie gras! But it's not just the cuisine, it's the whole culture, the sophistication, the class, the language..just wish I'd persevered with my French classes in uni rather than quitting after only a few months! I can hardly speak a word of it!

constant craving said...

Not a drinker huh..that's a good thing isn't it :) So you like tomato juice eh, you must like Bloody Mary then right?
All movies huh, my kinda gal! You must have a preference though know, romance, action, comedy, horror, fantasy..
Anyway, yeah you have a good weekend too, I know I will..long weekend!

p/s: of course you can..add as many items to the list as you want..only thing is..the bigger the glass, the longer to fill..

jamieternity said...

guess wat .. am yet to try Bloody Mary yet *sweat* suaku to the max!

nope .. no preferences in movies, as long as it's good! each has their own uniqueness. i do everything .. from english to malay to french/italian (if only i remembered the titles .. to bollywood .. just about anything man. :)

i'm sure ur having a blast .. if only i could make it for the rave event at 1Utama .. damn!!!! unfortunately i can't.

as for the list .. don't we all have to look forward to fulfill our desires and targets? makes life more meaningful when ur always trying to achieve something .. and when you do .. the sense of fulfillment is priceless!

constant craving said...

Boy are you one of a kind! I mean, Bollywood man! It takes a strong heart to sit through 2 hrs of 2 Indians dancing, singing, prancing around trees..not forgetting the sporadic moments of tree hugging..or maybe I'm outta touch and stereotyping :p

French is good though..and give some of the recent Spanish a try. Pan's Labyrinth is exceptional!

Having a blast? Moi? :( Well, not really a party kinda person it's all good to just be able to get some much needed R & R I guess..

Well, 3 strikes now must be one popular girl! Keep huffing and puffing..I'm sure more strikes are on the way!

Yes, you're absolutely spot on! Life without goals and desires would be pretty dull and know what would be a meaningful goal/desire for me?

To one day get a chance to buy you that first Bloody Mary! :)

jamieternity said...

i'm pretty unpredictable, aren't i?! haha~ but i think i'm a very adaptable person... to almost everything. however, i do have some principles i firmly and strongly hold on to.

nahh .. am not a popular girl. just plain ol simple me. everyone seems to have this misconception on what and who i am. but that's freedom of perception eh. as long as i'm not guilty of my conscience.

i'll be looking forward to the Bloody Mary .. you really do keep me in suspense! :) cheers to you

constant craving said...

You know, misconception is the root of all rumours and misunderstandings..but you're right (as usual!), the freedom to perceive anything from any angle or point of view is the right of all free matter how corrupted those minds are!

I must say, I really like your mind-set on isn't as trivial as some less pessimistic characters believe to be, is it! So, what are these convictions and principles in life that you so strongly adhere to anyway?

Now..about that Bloody Mary..where are your usual watering holes? I may just surprise you one of these days..

constant craving said...

You know..I just figured out why I chose this handle..I find myself constantly craving your in day out..addiction is truly evil!

jamieternity said...

haha~ i shall start to keep you in suspense then huh! It seems that I can have a blog entry pertaining to our conversations.. but it's only to those who are kay-poh enough to click on the "comments" tab. ;)

my usual watering holes?? well .. you'll see me when you see me. JB isnt a very big city with loads of places to go .. so go figure, and give me a huge ass gawk then! ;)

constant craving said...

See you when I see you huh? Well, easier said than done for me I'm afraid..are you forgetting that I'm far far away :p'd be nice if our little conversations were a tad more private..any chance of getting your e-mail?