Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pre-Birthday Blues

It's my BIRTHDAY ... tomorrow !

Yesss'er-rie .. 6th June .. 6/6 .. mark that down people. Remember it the next year.

Downright totally shameless .. and I don't care! Blame it on the birthday jitters.
Or perhaps .. I'm just suffering from quarter-life crisis (QLC).

Everybody's been bugging me on how am I gonna celebrate the big day. And I've been giving the same answer ... No Celebration , No pre-planning , No big birthday bash. Just the usuals .. perhaps simple dinner with family or friends .. then the cake and candle blowout followed by a never-incarnate wishes (maybe I'm overdemanding or God is just plain busy with the gazillion morons making overdemanding and totally-impossible-to-fulfill wishes like mine). Never had any big hoo-haa about my birthdays so far .. well, besides the one when I was 21 .. I had a home party. After that .. it's been rather low profiled. Until I started announcing it to the world ever since I've gotten a blog *big annoying wicked smile* - shameless!

A friend of mine kept bugging me and trying to make me guilty that I DO NEED to celebrate it. Coz it's 25 .. Quarter of a Century .. and it doesn't come by anymore - and we only get to have 3 major quarters in our lives - 50th year, then 75th year .. well, don't think i'll make it to 100th year. But don't Chinese believe in the 6's or 8's ? My granny throws 80th and 88th grand birthday bashes .. what's 25??

Can't wait to see all my prezzies! Oh goody goody goody !!!!
Major point in birthdays .. haha - yet another shameless statement.

Ok .. this is plain retarded and stupid contradictory procrastination coz I'm excited about the big day. Or perhaps .. I'm schizo. See .. QLC Symptomps!!!

But nevertheless ... HAPPY !!!!!

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