Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Universal Babes

Since my flash countdown timer isn't working properly ...

8 days more to my Birthday .. 6th June !
when I officially become a quarter century old.

I'm doing it manually !!! So much for modesty - hah !

That's right ... they're all HOT HOT HOT !!! Va Va Voom !! The Miss Universe 2007 pageant was held yesterday .. or today (time zone difference which I have no idea on). Results are not out on the web yet .. but I've already checked them all out. Wonder when will Malaysia make it to the tops man ... these babes are toooooo superficial .. too gorgeous to be true! Or perhaps it's jez the deveiving convincing photographs. I've been in a world pageant before .. and yes .. there are gorgeous people .. too good to be true in fact. While we are ... humble.

Every year .. the latinas or caucasians are the ones who dominates the whole pageantry world - their exotic looks, curvacious and yummilicious bods, and lucious curls. But now, the Asians are turning the table around ... we are HOT as well. I have my favorite .... especially on Miss Korea. Va-Va-Voom !!! Every man will die for her ... hahaha ....

Miss Korea - Honey Lee. - Damn pretty lor .. the face soooooo sweet .. badan also damn good! I hope you win gurl ! Gambade Gambade - oopps .. dat's Japanese!

Miss Japan - Riyo Mori. - Also chun-ted .. But don't ya think she looks like last year's Kurara Chibana .. or is it me that can't tell the difference? Nevertheless .. still hot stuff.

Miss India - Puja Gupta. - Nothing new .. sure have high chance. All Miss Indias are alway pretty .. Is it an Indian thing?? Good good sharp features ..

Miss Philippines - Anna Theresa Licaros. - And the pinoys .. with their beautiful megawatt smiles ... never fail to charm everyone with their warm personalities. I've been there .. I know.


* * * UPDATES * * *

Miss Japan - Riyo Mori is Miss Universe 2007. She's a stunner ... REALLY ! The dress was a stunner .. fashionable and couture .. breaking out of the cliche sexy sequinned gowns each candidate wear every year. Japan did it again ... and the preparation efforts really paid off. I read it through a blog by her organizers (i think .. or whatever you call it) Ines Ligron's Miss Japan Blog - Just basically everything you wanna know about Riyo and Kurara. Man .. this is really what I call true beauty queen in the making ... and the graduation of it.
Effortless beauty is true beauty.

Congrats Riyo !
- refer to her macam I know her very well. Haha~ I wished I knew her .. so all of you guys out there ... fat chance!

The Top 5 candidates ... Korea's second from left. Can see why she looses out to Japan in appearance/physical-wise. It is a BEAUTY pageant after all. But nevertheless, her sweetnes is too much to handle ... breathtaking !

* * * * * *

Last weekend was a working one .. modelling gigs going on that is .. 3 days straight. Need to go visit my beautician for some facial soon. *praying hard for the zits to not surface* For once, we had a long white runway for shows in ol'JB .. and each strut was a chop-chop-and-done one - no more funky choreographed struts -yea! Cool stage .. but slack that's 8 feet high where photo shot angles are damn bad .. but the whole feel was there .. so it was fine with me. Another gig was for the bridal show on Sunday - had to do 2 opening drama scenes. Kinda last minute .. and also my freaking first time .. sooo ... Mango said abit tak jadi laa (i felt so too). Cut me off some slack and give me some credit y'all .. it isn't easy to dance around the stage with no choreographing and practice. Am no pro like Amber Chia who did the D&L bridal shows with full drama-mama power .. but it was still worth the try - elated from my attempt. tee-hee-hee .... *giggles shyly*

Contemporary Kebaya from Iskandar of D'Legend - someone actually bought this outfit off me .. *bangga bangga*

Designers and models for D'Legend

* will update more pics soon when I get my hands on 'em .. I can't be cam-whoring while strutting the runway aight *

... and finally ...

Petty-Esh & Laser-Jam - She's so gonna kill me when she reads this .. muahahaha *evil laughter* Still love you no matter what.

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