Thursday, May 31, 2007


6 more days ~ till I turn 25

I shall continue with my manual countdown even if it irritates the hell out of you people ~ blueekkkkk *sticks tongue out with the-most annoying face*

Double Shot of Annoying Birthday Obsessions.
Since the wish-list has already entered the "archives" .. I shall refresh the list once again
*sticks tongue out with the-most annoying face .. more annoying than the previous one*

* Solitaire diamond earrings *
* Tiffany accessories *
* Watch *
* Mobile phone *
* Wallet *
* Moisturizers *
* Home Entertainment System *
* New closet *
* Loads of pretty dresses *
* Entertainment gadgets *

I am soooo gonna generate tons of hate-fans now. Ohh come on .. it'll only happen only once a year. La la la la la la la ~~~~~

* * * * * *
The day I discovered another hand-staining-stench ...

Other than onions and garlic - which made me decide not to do the chopping and dicing whenever I wanna cook (leave that to my kakak) .. never be a smarty pants to eat curry with your hands. Well, although it's much more enjoying to indulge in Indian cuisin with no better way to do it traditionally .. the spices just stains my hands .. and the stench just stays there for a day, and the tumeric makes my fingernails yellow. Now that's attractive.

* * * * * *
The day I started to fall in love with Samsung ...

I've never really been a big fan of the brand for mobile phones .. but I have to admit, the designs are really sleek and style. B-E-R-G-A-Y-A phone .. well, other than the Motorola, yet another "bergaya" phone. And I think I hvae to stop my procrastinations on how un-userfriendly the phone is ... that was based on the samsung clam-phone I used waaaayyyy back like 8 years ago *sweat* - Ok .. I'm sorry.

When it comes to style .. millimeter matters. - Samsung

Speaking of style ... The Ultra Edition II of SGH-U600 is D-Style phone.

Features that attracted me ..
3.2 mp camera to satisfy my cam-whoring, up to 2-gig memory to substitute my needs for a ipod/mp3 plater, 10.9mm thick - so thin and so sleek, and it's just plain CHIO lor~

We were checking the phone out yesterday, and he had an itch to get it so badly .. who doesn't?! And I ... well, I was the wet blanket and went rantling on wasting money, no point, no need, urs still so new, just spent so much on repair, bla bla .. yadda yadda ..

... and I woke up this morning thinking about it. Just great!

*Hinting to the world out there to get me this for my birthday. Mom .. Dad .. Pretty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee*

* * * * * *
The day I discovered I actually have a number of readers to my blog.

Although the number isn't as huge as those that top the blogosphere with thousands of readers visiting each day, but I'm still amazed that I actually have that many ... and international readers! Check out the stats ..

I actually have an average of 50 people visiting my blog per day ... wow !

And I have readers from .. everywhere in Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Indonesia, USA, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Dubai, Philippines and Japan. Awesome!!! Sorry if I have left any of you guys out.

Thanks so much for supporting me .. Big Big Big
Hugs and Kisses
to all of you !!

It really made me happy ... and I really meant it ... sincerely from the bottom of my heart!


constant craving said...

Nice 3G capabilities though. I never actually use the darn video calls on my phone but heck it's good to know you have the function! The slimmest there is for 3G is the is just FANTASTIC! Want one?

jamieternity said...

Yea..but it's jez too beautiful to say NO to it although it doesnt have 3G eh. Still confused on which to get..but definitely getting one for myself for my bday. either some generous soul outthere hears my pleas (so NOT and so DREAMING) or i'll jez get it for myself. been waiting for way too long!

constant craving said...

Well..too bad I'm too far away..or I might just get to know you personally and be your Knight In Shining Armour..or rather, Phone Giver in Shining Armour :)

jamieternity said...

hahaha~ ur amusing! where are you from btw? glad to know i've readers from so far away .. not many ppl know abt my blog besides close friends. just curious, how did you stumble upon it?

constant craving said...

Ermmm..well..I didn't actually stumble upon it, let's just say I had a reason apart from simple curiosity..and that I didn't start out as a fan..but hey, you've definitely converted me! Like I said before, I find myself inexplicably drawn to your blog even though I hate blogs! Just wish I could actually get to know you in person..sophisticated women are certainly an endangered species these days! Oh well, such is doesn't always get what one wants!

Anonymous said...

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