Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'll be back for more ...

Another weekend in ... KL. Relaxing one in fact. It's like 3+ hours away from where I come from and yet I've been patronizing the city more often than the one which is over the causeway. Ironic isn't it. Haha~ Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I am a JB-resident? Haha ... and I refuse profusely to admit that I am from the J.. and very proud of the -14- in my ID.

The plan was to chill .. relax .. meet up with buddies. However, I gave in to temptation again, when the meeting place was in a mall ... Mid Valley to be exact, and once again .. I succumb to retail theraphy ... AGAIN. It's already bad enough when you're doing it online .. having someone messaging you on MSN .. "online spree". Geline, I don't blame you .. in fact, I am so glad I know you .. seriously! I need help .... my temptations are screaming ... HELP !!!!!

But my plans went accordingly .. and I met whom I wanted to meet, to bitch and to update about our so-called lives. Glad to know that they're all doing ... well???

Life here is soooooo nice ... spending weekends are a simply enjoying. Sunday morning breakfast at Ikea .. then enjoy some sun while window-shopping (as if) at the flea market at The Curve, have a couple of drinks ... lunch ... with the company of a few hundred or maybe thousand people walking by ... of all sorts. Variety, Nic refers to it, but I think Vibrant is a more appropriate term. Malaysia is Vibrant .... colorful .... interesting.

Another night out at Heritage Row ... a wonderful dinner at Palacio. Thank Nic!!! I will patronize that place again pretty soon .... Food is awesome! French cuisine .. and the owner is french .. and he speaks English with a twist of French accent ... Sexy!

An early night at Heritage .. not too hype .. just nice, perhaps I was too tired from the afternoon walkathon at Mid Valley. And waiting for Shereen was a drag ... since there wasn't much yummies to look at walking down Heritage. There were babes .. but not that yummy this time round. One thing about Heritage Row .. you get to see/meet people you want to, and be seen by people you know as well. I'm a "tourist" here .. and already I've been spotted by 2 people whom aren't from KL ... Ralph and Zzen. It makes it even difficult to not "Eat and Shit in the same place" .. you go somewhere else, and people still know you're shitting. Haha~ This is not a safe palce to be in. Conclusion .. never shit publicly, or for that matter ... don't shit!

Sipping my martini, enjoying the tunes ... and burning the petals to the candle to satisfy my restlessness. @ Ivy .. this pic looks like i'm in some foreign country .. Brit perhaps?
And after 1+ hour .... we finally got Shereen ... and off we crossed the street to BED.

(tried to be more creative with the pictures .. but Blogger doesn't allow me to post pics with transparent backgrounds like Xanga could. Sheeshh ... or is it just my illiteracy?)

* * * * * *

The day that I realized that I wasn't the only who is bored at work ... and resorted to annoying others ... for the heck of it

Received a text from my fat-arse, Yew Meng, during late morning ...

YM: Knock Knock
J: Who's there?
YM: Shelby
J: Shelby who?
YM: Shelby coming round the mountain when she comes ... hahahahaha
J: Boh Liao !!!!

-and laughs hysterically to my phone which made my other colleagues think that I'm crazy.

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