Monday, May 21, 2007

News Craps

M.O.N.D.A.Y. ..... wow~ what a lovely day *full of sarcasm .. if you didn't notice*

For the first time in like ... weeks? - no.. "months" should be more appropriate - since I've actually flipped through the WHOLE newspaper. I stopped reading it coz I felt that it's sooooo insanely boring and the news are sooooo lame. To hell with keeping updated on what is going on in this world we're living in coz I feel what is being published is so insufficient. Am not gonna state which paper .. but in general. It's either accidents (that's new) , some political ppl squabbling over some mis-statements made (we all say things we don't mean most of the time k) , some charity launch (duh) , someone got robbed .. killed .. died .. (ya ya ya). Boring right .. the world news is too brief as well. Perhaps the only info meaningful in the papers are the business section, but I have never actually read it before, and leisure section. And everybody will agree with me that they got the papers to check on ... (1) Sports Update .. (2) 4-D results .. (3) Stock Market / Warrents prices .. (4) Cinema Schedules.

And today .. I decided to run through the whole paper ... and really, it humoured me. Well, at least it did stimulate my brain cells through the critiques and bitching I made this morning.

News #1 : Renovations to our Merdeka Stadium
Renovation works will be carried out to restore the stadium. 2 things I really don't get it ..
(1) Why in the world would you reduce the number of seats from 45,000 to 20,000 capacity??? We're talking 55.56% reduction here. Is it really that unutilised?
(2) "Manual scoreboards will be replaced with electronic ones" - OMFG !!! I can't believe that we're actually still running it manually? It's already 2007 ... 7 years passed the Millenium Age for crying out loud!
*Thank god we have the Bukit Jalil stadium to justify all that ... *shameful nyerrrrrr*

News #2 : Harder to prevent HIV spread
Why ??? Coz the ministers can't promote the use of condoms openly, and are relying on the NGOs to do so. What the........
Oh come on .. we have to accept the fact that people do .. DO IT .. whether you like it or not, and I believe the starting age of DOING IT has dropped and most people are starting early. Too much influences everywhere. I mean .. what's wrong with condoms? It's not like we do some public campaign to "encourage" people to DO IT. The society has to be more open to this .. to
(1) Reduce HIV and any VD associated with genitalias
(2) Reduce any unwanted pregnancies, hence ..
(2.1) Reduces abortions
(2.2) Controls birth rates
(2.3) Reduce baby dumpings
(2.4) Reduces marriage/scandal complications ... i.e. have a mistress and not get her pregnant, slept with some anonymous person 10 years ago to now find out that you have a 9 year old kid waiting to be supported by you ... etc etc etc ..

News #3 : Bank card holder sucked into scam
He rented his credit card to someone for RM150 a month apparently got cheated and bla bla bla ... totally negligeable. Can anyone be so stupid these days ????

I can go on .... but I guess that's enough. Despite my procratination on issue in my own country .. I'm still loving it here and standing proud to be a nationality of this ... interesting country. -Amen.

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