Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dogs .. Boys .. and Hearts

Laziness seeps in ..... I can be such a expert at that. The week has been .. ermm .. unproductive? Why does the hardworking nerves start kicking in at the end of the week? Hmm .. I'm just weird .. but that's just me. Not my fault laa! Even boss blames it on the "motivational-NOT" working environment .. hah!

A plate of Maggie .. couple of eh-hmm nics .. some dinner which is so not dinner .. loads of dog drool from Paris ... and more dog drool from Schnappi ... I let it all set in like some sort of masque theraphy for an hour ... i suddenly had the urge and inspiration to blog. Amazing.

Cheng Keat or Charles or Mr & Mrs Goh (now that sounds better .. I can't bear calling him Charles, it just makes my itch all over) are officially parents .. to their baby daughter .. Paris. Yes... a really beautiful name .. for a blonde babe. Considering that they just came back from their honeymoon in Paris, and the fact that Paris Hilton's a babe and also blonde, the golden retriever was named after it. Very kawaii de nehhh !!! I went over to their place to let Paris drool all over me .. no complaints at all. Charles (arrgghh) custom made a huge cage for her .. and I just had to check it out .. and it's crazy. Steel and could fit half a dozen Paris-s in it! Even the "door" is so heavy to lift! This is what I call ... SIAO!
Paris did come over my place a couple of days ago to make friends with Schnappi .. and according to my maid .. he went berzerk!

Charles: I brought Paris over to your place ler ...
Moi : Really .. how did it go ? Did my dog go gaga and start smelling her "ass" ?
Charles: No ... he went ke-siao .. never see blonde babes before ...
Moi : Yea .. your dog's a blonde babe .. and that makes mine a sex maniac
Charles: He really is .. he went mad!
Moi : You can't blame him laa .. he's entering puberty and gonna be an adult in a few months .. bet ya was as horny during your puberty years as well ! MEN !

I'm not sure whether it's a Shih Tzu thing or what .. they try to show dominance and agression despite their size. Or perhaps it's an ego problem with small dogs. Similar traits I have seen in Schnappi (shih tzu) .. Gou-Gou (maltese) .. Twinkle (chihwawa). They try to show their macho'ness whenever they can .. but then pussy out when being challenged back. I don't blame 'em .. they never look into the mirror, let alone know what they actually look like.

* * * * * *

Am I old or is it that everyone in the modelling industry is young? Sheeesh ! Lethargic is becoming more apparent to me now. I used to be so hyper and tired has never existed in my vocabulary. But looking back .. I've been using the word "tired" in most of my previous blog entries. But then again ... NEVER SAY DIE so easily ! Put oil Put oil ! Had a couple of shooting sessions recently and the male partners are simply delectable.

Warren .. the auntie .. and Hero

Both representatives for Mr International 2006 ok .. don't play play. Haha .. But .. No Touchy. It's kinda embarrassing when the people at the shoot come asking me whether am I attached or not, and asked me to consider the cute guys on the set as potential partners. When I tell them I'm an auntie to these boys .. they will still persist and tell me "age is not a barrier" or as my lou-gong-zai Kah Hoong would say "age is just a number" ... Hell NO ! Age does matter man .. especially when they're still considered juvenile. I could go to prison for commiting any act of indecency with them ! Sorry guys .. you're all youthful .. the problem lies with me .. the auntie! If only I was younger ... hahaha~ On the other hand, I'm enjoying this age as well .. a woman's peak in their life!

* * * * * *

Life seems so fragile .. filled with so much uncertainties .. and skepticalism is now taking over minds. It generates stereotyping in genders and ridiculous assumptions about one another. One minute they're happy .. next they're not .. it changes overnight. And if someone crawls out from the "zone" to see the brighter side, others have to be skeptical about it. Till it confuses you whether have you actually crawled out or is it just a mirage? Is 2007 the dark age for all relationships? I wonder ... Sometimes you just have to take risks and make choices and take chances .. follow your heart .. and will not regret if it passes you by. It's just a matter of what you believe in. I choose not to be skeptical .. and not see everything positively. Have some faith y'all ~~

Wee-kor .. I'll hope for your happiness to come back soon. Hope she gives you guys a second chance to work things out ...

* * * * * *

Weekend's here ... yet another week in KL .. woo-hoo~ Though there's a new joint opening tomorrow, but anything is KL is definitely better ~ sorry boys!

Bye bye "black" JB (ooppss .. don't be skeptical .. don't be skeptical) I'll be back "bright" JB (if i was a man, I'll be squeezing my balls while saying this!)

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