Monday, May 14, 2007

Me or Not ?

Monday BLUES

Slowest day ever ...... one of the mood'less days .. when even my caffein fix wouldn't be much of a help. And that explains the face recognition thingy I've got there. Ok, I've got a stupid pic of me with the stupid fringe which I've been dying to grow it out .. kinda sick of the mushroom d**khead look, althouth at times it does make me look cute??? *roll eyes* It has reached my eyebrows after a month .. grow baby grow !

I even made a search on this Janie Tienphosuwan whom "they say" I look 90% like her. Some Thai celeb it seems .. and apparently she's hot and the pic they displayed did not do justice for her.

A much hotter Janie .. this is what celebs should look like. And she's Thai .. which makes her even hotter ... despite the "kap"s everytime she opens her mouth to speak .... soooooo not sexy at all

The other lady Emmanuelle Beart looks kinda hot as well ... a french actress whom we may never hear or see of coz her filmography states she's been in french films only. Je ne parl pas français ! Ah Soon may be interested since he's soooo into the language now. Saw loads of "hot" and "flesh" pics when I was doing a searh. Should I or Should I Not post the pic ??? Well .. could do some help to increase the traffic to my site ... hahaha ...

Verdict: Hell no I don't look like any of them man ! The only person whom I think I look like is my Macedonian friend Jana's best friend Kate. Jana was raving on and on about the resemblace and I was skeptic about it .. come on, I'm Asian .. how the hell does a Chinese look like a European? Features wise is damn obvious that we don't even come close! Until I've seen a picture of her ... it gives me the shivers and it made my hair stand to see the major resemblance of me .. eurasian version of me. Am serious ... "so true that it's not funny".

Am soooooooooo bored .... which brings to an incredibly boring entry. Well .. at least I made some deco to my blog to spice it up ... so was my friendster. I'm getting a hang on this htnl thingy .. haha .. great job to a html illeterate like moi !


Geline said...

Thats is so cool...... i wanna try it out see who i look like. hahha

Constant craving said...

Beart was in Mission Impossible actually, the first one that is. She's a wonderful actress, in fact, if you've seen any French films at all, you should know they all are. Watch Audrey Tautou in Amelie if you a chance..simply wonderful..