Saturday, May 12, 2007

Counting Down ~ 1 more month

I'll officially be a quarter century old by next month ... 6th June (please remember that date *grins*) ... and yes, I am not ashamed of publicly announcing it on my blog! I am getting old ..... SO ???!!! Am so ecstatic about my birthday next month .. have no plans on how to celeb it .. as I grow older, it gets more boring .. just dinner plans will do. How nice would it be if every birthday there was a party .. haha .. like in McDonalds or something... hahahaha~ Thought of throwing a party, but it seems I don't have a very free weekend around that time .. and too lazy to organize one or even clean up the mess after the party. I have planned my wish list .. my birthday wish list .. which seems to be very very unattainable. So peeps .. please save up and get me those gifts ! *bu yao nien .. who am i to be demanding .. hahaha*

with 3 more additions .. to make up the number

A pair of solitaire diamond earrings ... classic and classy ... goes well with everything. Diamonds are a girl's best friend ... Tops the wish list every time!

Anything from Tiffany & Co. I love accessories ...

A watch ... something nice and trendy (still got ppl use this word "trendy" ?? sounds so old fashion .. buahahaha) Would love a Tag Chanel J12 (it's so amazingly beautiful .. work of art .. and i'm referring to the limited edition one with, of course, diamonds .. or is it diamontes?) , thank you very much! Haha ... Saving for it (which I won't be able to afford! .. start saving for the Tag instead ba!)

A new handphone ... not demanding on this one .. not expecting whatever N95 or expensive s**t phones which are ugly. As long as there's a good camera to satisfy my cam-whoring antics and very user friendly interface and looks good .. ok!

A wallet .. in demand of a nice one .. since my sistas always complain how ugly my Braun Buffle one is. It's nice to use ok sis ... soft! Due to constant criticism .. i'm now using the tiny cardholder given by my sistas on my previous bday .. which so happens to be damn slim and convenient! Went to Starhill last 2-3 weekends and I set my eyes on the LV zippe and the Gucci ribbon. Basket .. wallets also so expensive 1 aa .. around RM1800+ ler .. *sweat* Save Save Save !!!

Loads of nice smelling moisturizers .. am craving Rosewater collection from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Entertainment system .. comprises of TV, DVD and hi-fi audio set for my room. It jez ain't the same hanging out for TV/movies in the common area

New closet .. bigger one to stuff my increasing number of clothes, bags, and shoes!

Alot of dresses from Forever21 and alot of clothes from WetSeal ... Geline has got me so hooked on online shopping that it becomes a routine to check out the new items almost everytime i come online .. sheeesh !!!

An entertainment gadget to keep me entertained during the waiting period of my modelling shows and make-up sessions .. also during traveling as well. Be it a Pink Sony PSP or a Pink iPod ... or Pink Zen Creative ... pinkies~~ Sudden urge or bimbotic syndrome .. but am so loving the color!

That'll be it for now ... could do a big angpow for the miscellaneous stuff i wanna get.

* * * * * *

Animals Galore
I don't deny Melvin's quite of an animal freak .. afterall, he owns a pet shop. Newest additon (well, not exactly very new .. got this pic for about 2-3 weeks already) The BEAR. Mel's not quite of a Goldilocks .. but I can see some bonding there.

As much as I love animals too .... except frogs, snakes, lizards, anything cold and slimy and smelly ... yea rite, some kind of an animal lover eh! I don't think I have that much guts to bond with a bear .. giving pats I'm ok, this close .. uh-uh ......

...... and that leaves me to bonding with my own kind ... i was born in the year of a dog. It doesn't mean i am one ok .. neither am i a bitch or a hussy! Meet "wu ming a.k.a. nameless" the schnauzer. It belongs to Melvin .. but it doesn't have a name .. seriously!


constant craving said...

Watches and diamonds eh..a woman of much taste I see! And what expensive taste too..actually, love Tags too, have a look at the white Tiger Woods or the Alter Ego, great watches for ladies..and here's some other brands you should take a look at:



jamieternity said...

diamonds are always and will always be a girls best friend. you can never go wrong with it. hehe..
and for the watch .. actually i hv my eyes on the Chanel J12 .. but too ashamed to state it in the entry .. ppl might get the wrong idea that i'm some kind of materialistic wannabe b***h ! haha .. what the hell .. come to think of it .. i'll edit it now!

constant craving said...

Haha..yeah, edit it, you might just get your wish..the J12 is truly wonderful..I mean, how can you go wrong with ceramic right! I'm assuming you're lusting after the white diamond J12..boy will that burn a HUGE hole in your pocket! I did consider the white J12 (non diamond ok!) awhile ago, but heck, just couldn't justify have a look at the Technomarine Diamond Chrono Ceramique..very similar watch and only USD three and a half grand!

constant craving said...

Oh heck..since you love it so much, give me your address and I'll send you the darn thing for your birthday! Hmmm..that or I may just use your address for stalking purposes..hehe..

jamieternity said...

thanks .. but no thanks.. you're too modest. and heck, as if you're gonna send me one .. haha! as much as i love it .. i can't justify the bling bling on my wrist as well. too much pressure to handle!

constant craving said...

Ditto on the pressure..but hey, how can you be so sure I won't send you the J12..well, ok, maybe J12 is going a little bit over..what say we start with the moobile phone that's a little further down your list? :) You never know..

jamieternity said...

its ok CC .. it's kinda hard for me to actually request a gift from someone. never quite know how to be demanding. wonder how the other girls have so much courage and bluntness to actually do it. gaspss...perhaps am not a girl. haha....

constant craving said... kinda gal! You know what you are? A rarity! I think I'm in love..