Tuesday, May 08, 2007

" H " - Horror & Happiness

* * * HORROR * * *
I received this in my mailbox this morning .. an artwork from my friend Joe "Kuntum" (that's what we used to call him back in uni .. hehe) and also an advocate of Marilyn Manson. Cool eh ..I just killed Ayed ... my darling. Haha ... Gruesome! Buahahahahhaha *evil laughter*

* * * HAPPINESS * * *
Received another mail in my mbox ... from my God-Bro Cameron. I haven't seen him in ages since he has migrated to Boston Baton Rouge ... but we do keep in touch and he calls me like once in a while to chat. So much to update him on .. coz so much have changed in 2007. And ... he's married, well .. engaged to the girl of his dreams .. Khanh. She's Vietnamese .. very sweet girl ! And they bought this piss-ass huge house in HOUSTON to move in together ... so lucky man!!! I also wan to live in a house that big and cosy .... but in Malaysia, we don't really have that priviledge due to limited land and have to get married to a tycoon to enjoy that! or Gan might say .. L**kun .. haha!

Cam always promised to come back to Malaysia for holidays and to see me .... always telling me about his "plans" and "proposed month" and "proposed year" ..... but always cancel on me last minute. Initially I'll get all excited and enthu with jitter bugs all over looking forward to his return with his "girl" .. then comes the anti-climax of "i'm going on a cruise" .. "going to mardigras" .. "going to some beach" ... (i can't remember .. some are made up .. haha .. but mardigras was definitely one of them). Oh come back ... missed your megawatt smiles ! You betta do when i get hitched ! Dat'll be a long enough time frame for him to plan .. haha! Unfortunately, as much as I would love to ... I don't think I will be able to attend his wedding .. US ler, macam very near izzit? My butt will be flattened out from the journey there .. and all my efforts in yoga to "lift" it up nicely will go rolling down the drain. I know alot of you mean ppl out there ... my mean friends ... will be laughing to themselves "jamie where got ass" ... I got OK !!! not that voluptuos only maa ...

The chinese believe that a compatible couple will have similar facial features (fu qi xiang) .. they really do .. and I'm so happy for them !

Cultural Fusion : Chinese-Vietnamese wedding ceremony in the States. See, even the bride's outfit is so cool ... i've seen the pics in the whole album, and it's really nice lor!

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