Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back To Hell

4 days of eating, partying, shopping .... more shopping, and hanging out! Amazing !! But it jez left a big hole in my bank account / wallet / purse ... *sweat* It'll be a boring entry .. what's new man, jez another trip to KL **whatever .. no biggie** So this will be a picture-blog .. Enjoy !!

The ever gorgeous Haflin .. Esh jez awed when she saw her. Next time when I go to KL I won't meet up with her .. esp at Asian Heritage Row .. coz she'll be sooo gorgeous, and me as the outcast shadow of hers.. hahahaha *kidding laaaa*. Am so proud to have gorgeous friends k. Btw, love the dress ... GORGEOUS !!!

Yean Chie .. sweet sweet fellow. It's fun partying with ya man .. gonna miss ya when you go back to the States .. come back party with us more often laa ~~~

Thanks Rizman for the amazing spa treat ! Just what I need after a "hectic" schedule last month. Cyberview Lodge & Spa @ Cyberjaya. A retreat from the busy city of KL .. and also a rip-off ! Hey .. good things don't come cheap man! But definitely very relaxing .. can't get the same after spa result from the usual commercial spa centres. Still can't help laughing at the fact that he was so suaku seeing squirrels running free at the resort! So typical city dwellers !!! Thanks again man .. it was fantastic !

The Charmed-Sista's other siblings ... our brothers .. err sistas .. err.. brothers .. errr sistas ... *confused* they're men (brothers) but sampat like girls (sistas). Yoke Soon & Wei Long.

Victor and Andy ... the pic wasn't supposed to look this way !!!! Candid .. but I'm loving it !!!

And after 3 nights and 4 days in KL .... back to Hell. As FangTin always say .. back to the "dark gloomy city" .... come on, it ain't all that bad ..... *roll eyes* see.. even the sky is dark !

* * * * * *

And to top it all off on the last day of the holiday ......... we had a whole day of tea sessions since noon! Gonna be tea-phobic from now onwards! And ..... I got my bag. Thanks Geline!! Love Ya !!!

Ok .. I admit .. it's a little big !! But I still love it !!


Geline said...

Dun worry my dear, this is a Nice bag.......... And remember u got it CHEAP too..

jamieternity said...

yea ... so did you! so .. does dat mean I should get more? haha.. NOOO~~~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

wow! how cheap is cheap? have always wanted to owe a original one but too expensive.i can never able to afford anything above RM1K