Friday, April 13, 2007

Hope's back baybehhh ~~~

Weekend's here again ... how time flies ... REALLY REALLY flies man! I was dreading March coz it had too many working days in it, but April seems to pass damn fast ! Too many hols in it too ! It's kinda stupid that I'm actually complaining about it coz I'm the Holiday-Queen in the office. Nooo~~ I do not always take "unnecessary" leave just to lepak k~ But there're jez too many things/assignments/work to be done and I don't have enough time for it all. Should give myself a pat on the back coz I haven't been slacking off much .. haha ... No Vic, I won't leave excess for tomorrow... I just can't help it .. WIP !!!

Met up with the Gis for our usual yamcha session .. with FangTin this time. Funny how gals can actually yak so much about almost everything .. well, gossips most of the time. My mom says that Gis is my boyfriend, yea .. if I crossed over. But then again, Haflin is a hotter chick and would make a better lesbo than Gis coz she's not really lesbo-prone. What to do .. Singleton "spinsters" are like that ... have each other lor. Note that I used the word "spinster" coz we're better off with our ex's hoping that they're "dead" ... hahaha~~~ just kidding, I'm not such a sour grape. Life is cool babe .. if it ain't meant it, then leave it. Macam "playa" punya statement ler ... haha ... I'm NOT !!! But it's jez facts, no use brooding over spilt rotten milk right? There's bound to be obstacles, just pick yourself up and move on. Sistas~~ be strong!!! And for the million'th and zillion'th time ... I'm fine .. I'm happy .. I'm not sad .. I'm not agitated .. I'm not jaded or depressed whatsoever.. and NO, I DON'T KNOW WHY and I DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHY .. and if you guys do understand WHY .. then you let me know k. Tired of explaining and having people coming up to me with their sad worried faces with all these questions ... There's always new hope, and better hope, and happier hope ~ Hope's back baybehhh ~~~~ here to stay ~~~ I hope so ~~~

What's installed for me this weekend?? Hmmm.. i really don't know. Gis was complaining what losers we are by passing our Friday at the mamak... How Happening. Time seems to pass really slow then .. 8pm .. 8.20pm .. 8.40pm ... *grrrrr* And she starts brooding on how wonderful life was back then when we're still in college, having "happening" fridays. Gurl..wakie wakie .. welcome to adult'hood .. It'll be worse when we get older. Haha.... scaring the shit out of you guys again eh~~~

Headed back home at 9pm .. to my estranged horror to find ants in my sink and around my side console, having the time of their lives to my Listerine, stoning out without a slightest fear of being squashed or flushed away. It seems like the ants have concluded their final seconds of their lives to being in a state of ecstacy, having a taste of heaven before heading there by the ticket complimented by moi. *whatever, totally negligeable*

Perhaps I'll make use of this weekend to nourish my dear mind by more reading. Do you know anyone who has on hand 3 unfinished read books and dozens more new ones, and have always attempted to finish all 3 simultaneously? Well .. that's me. I have my (1) Crap-Book i.e. book above the toilet bowl a.k.a. Devil Wear's Prada, (2) Right Bedside Book i.e. book that heads me to slumberland a.k.a. Good-To-Great, and (3) Left Bedside Book i.e. book on the other end of my bed a.k.a. Da Vincci Code. I'm soooooo almost done with Book(3) ok, just few more pages left !! And the new ones ... oh, don't get me started. I'm not a shopaholic, just so happened to get infected earlier this year .. and NOO~~ it's not cause of any particular reason, all women are shopping freaks, just that I entered "puberty" a lil later than others. Still wanna get more books ... especially the last few books of Harry Porter *hehehe..kiddo!*

Current craze .... Nerina Pallot. She's amazing !! I can have Sophia playing on and on and on and on and on. Btw, if you're damn blurrr... it's the song playing on my blog now. I don't get the meaning, but I jez love the tune. An addition to my fav vocals after Jewel, Corrine May and Corrine Bailey Rae.

I am soooooooooooooooo not a hair person. I've got the curls I've always wanted .. but I don't know how to maintain it. It looks like a fluff of wired hair that needs serious rebonding now. Neither curly nor straight. I followed the instructions of my stylist, but can't seem to get the effect out!! Billy .. S.O.S. !!! I'll head there tomorrow for my new hair color and curls readjustments! I want princessy curly-wurly .. not scruff !! The bangs are growing real fast .. don't look so much like an idiot now .. hahaha ... grow baby grow!!!


Mann said...

Poor ants....was it green listerine? hahahah

the phase where you dunno what to feel or how to feel- is that where you are? Need something/someone to blame?

Finally emancipated said...

Tell me about it..I'm the king of half read and "gonna start soon" novels. If you liked Da Vinci, try The Historian..also, just about any Anne Rice titles..absolutely THE most sensual, most beautifully written novels..

By the way..probably just a typo..but it's actually Potter..

finally emancipated said...

Nerina Pallot..hmmm..nice. Try Missy Higgins, I think she's to your taste. You know, it's weird, I find myself inexplicably drawn to your blog eventhough I hate blogs! I'm not in the habit of making assumptions on anyone's emotional status..but take a gander at my nick and see if that hits any spots on what you're feeling..

jamieternity said...

thanks ... it really reflects my situation now. relief ! thanks for all the support .. really made me feel so much freer and lighter from everything. feel better of myself too .. liven up my life ! thanks ~ muaksss~

finally emancipated said...

:) No worries..glad to be of service! Truth be told, I'm finally emancipated as I guess those two seemingly insignificant little words serve us both pretty well. Though we do not "know" each other, our lives are inherently intertwined..maybe one day you'll find out who I am..maybe not..after all, what are we but pawns in God's sick and twisted little game of chess..I know I know, way too morose..but that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes..

Dennis said...

Concentration level seems to be much higher when reading in the toilet. Do you go through the toilet books much faster than the other two books read at different locations?

Could it be because we are less self concious when we are either half naked or totally naked...

Or the act of letting go requires only physical strength that your mind has 100% capacity for another task...

I'll experiment later.