Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Viva la France

Feeling good about the week already. Thanks to the people that make my day everyday. Love you all ~~ Feeling very inspired to blog right now .. although it isn't a really appropriate time to do so ... *sorry*

I've managed to locate the french song I've been loving all these while .. obviously it was darn hard to find coz...

(1) It's French ..
(2) I don't know French .. and
(3) I have no whatsoever knowledge on French music or artistes.

But given my god-given-blessed brains .. I decided to start my detour from "moodless" work to search for it. And wallahh.... I found it ... Je Ne Feux Pas Travailler. Enjoy .. I've jez added it to my blog music. Very light, sunny, happy tune .. makes my day ... and i'll call it Happy Tune now ! Totally ecstatic !

Euphoria of success contentment ! Ok .. i'm exaggerating , but it is what I am right now!
* * * * * *
Stumbled upon a blog entree by a lame bitch this morning ... hillarious ...
No better way to start the day with insaneous laughter!
* And I'm gonna laugh out so loud my jaws got cramped ! Haha .... *

Gis said it reminded her of her primary/secondary essay composition "My Holiday". Bad Bad Bad !!! I'm not an expert in blogging whatsoever and definitely have nothing against people who doesn't know the language well. I feel that all blogs entries should be of expressing oneself, screw the bad grammar, typo, languange, etc ... it isn't supposed to be something to show off, wannabe, to impress, etc etc ... trying too hard?!!! It ain't working, doll !! I'd be most glad to swear my heart out with joy and laughter, unfortunately under alooooooot of circumstances, I'd chose to remain rational and compose of myself.

*but some of my friends have already heard bout my "freedom of etc etc etc" this morning .. it's like the coolest, most spontaneous statement i've made all month long*
How could I ignore ... the picture was too eye-catching and tempting not to click on it .. wannabe-fugly !! Haha ~~~

*Soon ... this short entry is dedicated to you. For commenting that I'm too long-winded in my blog entries* Gebang power !!! Hahaha~~~


Geline said...

Oooi babe, this song always use for bridal show de. Dunno JB use it or not... hahha.. nice song.

Without ill intent..just my thoughts.. said...

I'm a relatively new fan of your blog, but from what I've seen, you seem to be a beautiful, sophisticated and certainly very intelligent young lady..which is why I was rather surprised by your harsh comments on another blogger. As you pointed out, blogging should be a gateway for the expression of thoughts, ideas and even trials and tribulations at times. It shouldn't matter if it's happiness, sadness or plain simple pride that one is expressing..any blogger should be free to say what they want without attracting ridicule, no matter how "lame" or juvenile. As such, I offer you this little thought:
Search your conscience..did you really "stumble" upon the blog or did you go looking for a reason to ridicule this person? One does not ridicule another without harbouring at least the slightest of ill feelings. Therefore, I am going to hazard a guess, with much trepidation, that this "lame" blogger played a significant role in your recent relationship woes..but hey, what do I know..

jamieternity said...

i'm sorry if it caused any misunderstandings or unsatisfactions .... but it was certainly worth it ! hahaha~~~ in spite of a moment, that's all ... people can be a lil bitchy sometimes, there's a lil devil in all of us. no specific purpose whatsoever in making that entry. no worries ..
thanks for visiting .. do visit more often! cheerios~~~

without ill intent.. said...

No worries, no misunderstandings at all..I don't know you personally nor do I know exactly which "lame" blogger you are talking about..so it doesn't really bother me, it was merely my thoughts. Anyway, here's a wonderfully mischievous little song I think you may get a kick out of:

Every breath you t...

As if I'd sing that song to you,
you probably think you deserve it at the present time
But if only you knew how you treated me
when we were together then you might understand

Remember the time you made me wait for a month,
cos you had exams which I was cool about
but then the night you finished
you barred me from all your plans
and you went out with other people

Now I'll always give you the benefit of the doubt
and I think there's enough natural maturity floating around
for the tension release time to even out
between two people like you and me

But I've been thinking and since we broke up
I realised things were mostly in your favour
and a normal person wouldn't put up with this
but for some stupid reason I don't wanna move on

Now I'm stuck in a moment,
It's bad for my health,
Well I'm gone,
If I don't emancipate myself.

Now I gotta say that all of this is coming down
on me like a tonne of bricks
at this present time, I don't have much cash
I'm trying to figure out the rest of my life

But I think a lot of people would agree that
all you need is a feeling of freedom
and when you're in emotional limbo
everything you do is filtered through that

Now I don't wanna punish or make you unhappy or jealous
in any way or hurt you
because ultimately in time it's your own choice
who you surround yourself with
and I'm responsible for those things too

And I've treated people badly at times in relationships
and maybe what you're doing is some kind of payback
for all those past lives,
but that also doesn't change the fact that

Now I'm stuck in a moment
It's bad for my health
Well I'm gone
If I don't emancipate myself
There's no spirit to find me
And no wishing well
Well I'm gone
If I don't emancipate myself

So whatcha gonna do now
You gonna keep me hanging on
You gonna keep me hanging on
You gonna keep me hanging on
You gonna keep me hanging on
You gonna keep me hanging on

'Cos I have a feeling it's all in my own mind
and if i have anything to do with it
knowing me I enjoy putting myself through this
kind of trauma to a degree
how 'bout you? Thought so

Maybe you shouldn't call me anymore
because I need some time to get to know myself again
and once again we say it's final
then I'm gonna miss you even more, even the most, yeah

But I don't want you to know that I'm missing you yeah
let's establish even more communication breakdown and wonder why
later on all the honesty and trust is gone between us

Now I'm stuck in a moment
It's bad for my health
Well I'm gone
If I don't emancipate myself
There's no spirit to find me
And no wishing well
Well I'm gone
If I don't emancipate myself

confucius :) said...

As I suspected from the start, you are indeed a decent gal..from your comments on the chatterbox, you clearly know where to draw the line :)
We can all have a little fun sometimes..let the devil out once in awhile..but whoever hurts or irks us, we should never stoop to their level..you certainly show superior character and much maturity..you are definitely one hell of a gal!