Tuesday, March 06, 2007

A Year Older ..

Happy Birthday ....
Sis-Echelle & Wei Long !

Another year passed .. it's Charmed-Sis-Esh's birthday again .. turning 26! Ooppss .. am I supposed to mention the age? Haha .. Anyways .. accept the fact ba .. we're no longer young! And in another 3 months time .. I'll be a year older as well! *aarrrrggghhhhhhhh* I think I've missed out Ah Long .. *sorry ya .. haha .. paiseh paiseh*

It's been a very very very busy + tiring week for me. Obviously I'm still soooooooooooo not over the CNY holiday mood! Who is man ... after more than a week of enjoyment ! It's been a long time since I went for holidays and completely forgotten about what WORK was .. and what day it was ! Anyways .. loads have been waiting in the office for me, shoots , and having fun in KL ! This weekend .. KL here i come .... again ! Haha .. it's the 3rd week in the row. Total madness? Insanity? Tell me about it .. hahaha .... Haflin & Nic .. it's party time! Wheeeeee ~~~~~

Curly Wurly ! Back from City Square shooting ! Am so loving the curls !!!! What do you guys think ?

FYI .. my teeth aren't that yellow !!! Haha .. i know how gross it looks here. But I did some editing to the color and I didn't notice it till I've already saved the file. Too much yellow enhancement ... *grrrrrr* As you can see .. I macam kena that yellow skin disease. I've no idea what's it called .. someone please enlighten me with some medical vocabulary!

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