Monday, February 26, 2007

CNY 2007

*** GONG XI FA CAI ***

I know ... I'm very late .. but at least i made it within the 15 days of the Chinese New Year. Still can collect more ang pows oo .. but nobody seems to be giving anymore.. sheeshh !!! Am yet to go to my beloved "neighbour"'s place for more collection! Collection this year ain't that bad .. well, at least the $4 ang pow has kinda eliminated. Haha .. guess people do realize that there's inflation every single year. However, I was unable to roll over my cash from CNY gambling sessions this year, didn't go to any one of them. But thanks to the boom in the stock market .. i made some small profit .. so the new phone I'm getting will be FREE ! And of course .. there're still excess cash for shopping ... unfortunately it's not enough to buy the Gucci bag which I drooled over last Sunday !!!!! Had a huge urge to buy it .. but Gis kept me under control .. but me loooooooooove it soooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!

So far .. the New Year has been a great for me ... great start from the very first day of it. And I am determined to make the best of the rest of the year as well .. just hope heaven is on my side and will guide me through it all ...

It's kinda different every single year .. although each year it'll be balik Penang for me, but each year it's NOT VERY comforting to see that all my younger cousins and cousin's kids (what do i call them ? cousin-niece/nephew?) all grown up .. just make me feel so old! It was a blink of an eye when they were babies. Me and my cousin's are the ones who used to run around frantically in granny's place, now we're the ones sitting around and doing the catching up like all the grown up does. People getting married and stuff .... and moi ??? still dazed in confusion ... anyways, am happy for those whom have found their lifelong partner ... esp my bro ! Looking forward man ... at least I get an additional big big big ang pow from him! Hahaha ....

This year my dear bro did not join us for CNY .. people honeymoon'ing in Bali ooo~~~ making babies?? hahaha ... Oooppssss~~~

Guess Wee have to substitute my bro ... anyway, he was the brother I never had .. one of the closest people to me. We literally grew up together .. ever since I was 3, i would spend year end hols for a month or two with him. Someone I could rely on, cry, confide to, give me a wake up slap, scolding, you name it. Funny thing was when we got older, our relatives thought that we were dating .. haha .. coz we're always seen together, being close and "affectionate" .. haha. Thank God all of his ex-GF's then understood us. *wink*

A week long of holiday ........ and i'm back to hell again *grrrrrrrrrrrrrr*. The printer broke down on me and I can't continue with the publication of my newsletter. Shheesshh ... have sent it for repair and it's already been more than a week and it's still not ready. Talk about efficiency!

Bored at Starbucks on the first day of CNY .. thank God Starbucks was open. Needed some caffein dosage to keep my sanity in place. Btw, that origami was made by moi .. I'm so gifted with craftmanship *roll eyes*. To those who are rushing to get a "golden pig" baby .. here's to you .. the fertility pig is specially dedicated to you people out there.

Gazing at the blue blue sky from the seas of Ferringhi .. with the wind in my hair .. takes all my thoughts away. Wished that I could face this calming view every single day. Starting off the day with meditation to the sounds of the waves and sea breeze .. and followed by yoga .. connecting my mind to my inner karma.

Always loving the beaches .. unfortunately was unable to get my bronzing tan! Love it .. but I think I'll look stupid in it! haha ... perhaps I'lll try next time .. and you guys can laugh your arses out at me ..

Met loads of people back there in Penang .. whole fun lot ... and "interesting" bunch. Somehow, partying and hanging out in Penang has always been very very "stress-free" .. perhaps it's the people there whom are all super-friendly and all ... and obviously places there are way soooo much better than those back in this .. this ... this ... wannabe-state. Coming back here is so dreadful .... arrggghhhhhh ... other than i'm dying to see my beloved SON whom I've been missing sooooooooo much ! Every year I seem to patronize the same party places .. wherelse but at upper Penang street .. Glo, SS, and MoMo. Wonder if it's the same MoMo like in Singapore .. anyway it's like this little Bangsar or Sultan Ismail area .. full of hangoutss and babes and hunks. Just go there .. and feast your eyes ... nyum nyum .... ooopss .. I'm soooo innocent! Haha !!! Oohh.. and Bagan as well. Damn I love the singer there .. I'm soooo in love with his singing! He never fails to melt me .. awe me .. move me .. if only my boy can sing for me like he does ... I'll just DIE !!!

My bi-a-tch .. Alan How .. so good to see him again. I'm officially his rag hag .. or watever .. haha. He promised to wed me if I don't get anyone by 40. Come on .. it's a good offer .. I still get to date other men and at the same time still have his companionship. Haha ~~~

... and Dave ...

... and Vince, whom recently seems to have this affinity with "them" . It's a sensitive word .. but you know what I mean. Hahaha ... *cheeky laughter* I have the same affinity with "them" this year as well ... a whole sh!t loads of them !

... why do all good things comes to an end Nelly Furtado feat. Coldplay

*sob sob* If only all holidays lasted for a month! Back to KL to meet my mates .. and of course .. to utilize all my collected funds on women indulgence! Bought so many many many pretty pretty pretty clothes .. at good prices. Gals .. I recommend shopping at Kelawi (Bangsar) .. loads to grab from there. Ooohhh .. not forgetting .. Nichi Fashion House as well .. I literally went crazy there! And Gis is a bad influence to go to KL with .... trust me .... hahahaha! If you already have shopping urges .. Gis will double up that sensation that you already have! Buy Buy Buy .... Value Buy .. So Must Buy !

This is heaven sent after a rigorous walking exercise. Lost loads of cals .. Strongly recommended if you want great legs. But bad on the wallet though .. unless you can resist the temptation and stick to window shopping. I'm such a weakling .. hahahaha .... I'm a woman .. forgive me coz I can't help it !

Enjoying our Twister ... a must for us to brunch at Dome KLCC on our KL trips.

Met up with Nicholas and Haflin at La Bodega for breakfast .. no pics coz we all looked like @#$% for being sleep deprived for the whole week. As "gorgeous" as we already are, we do have our ugly days as well .. hahahahaha *roll eyes*

Shopping : And they said "The Men just don't get it". You're damn wrong sister! Gucci, Tiffany and loadssssssss of Burberrys! Kiat ... I want the Gucci ..................

And to top it all of ...

I came back with the same pre-CNY virus of flu, cough and fever. How climaxing ... *twisted mouth*

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