Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Spread The Love

Happy Valentine's Day

As Dr Love (the fugly looking so-called love-guru penguin from Happy Feet) would say ..
"Spread the love .... like Dr Love" .... so cheesy ~~~~

Wonder what will everyone be doing tonight besides shagging as desert. *cheeky laughter* It's so expensive to dine outside .. not being some kind of miser, I chose not to get ripped off by those advantage-grabbing peeps (macam I'm the one paying if I ever dine out ... so considerate of me lerrrrr) And flowers will be like 10 times the usual price. I'm not so much of a flower person, so .. sorry.. I don't know how to appreciate such stuff. I think it's a waste of money coz it's not cheap for a bouquet, just to get the "awwwwww" for like 10 seconds, then it'll be chucked aside to wither. Why not instead get a diamond or something useful for that everlasting "awwwww" .. *hint*hint*hint*

Does anybody knows what's the real history behind Valentine's Day and how it actually evolved? I've tried looking into wikipedia but they couldn't give me a specific answer. Some say it's orginated from the 3 martyred Saints whose names were Valentinus, coz of their exerting influence on a pagan ritual of Lupercalia, then there's this story about a guy writing a love letter to a jailer's daughter professing his love for her .. etc etc etc ... And the ironic one will be that in 1969, as part of a larger effort to pare down the number of saint days of purely legendary origin, the church removed St. Valentine's Day as an official holiday from its calender. February 14 is now dedicated only to Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius (genius brothers who are monks, scholars, theologian, linguist.. and apostle)..... now we learn something new everyday.

Ok .. i'll stop procrastinating! Ooohhh ... I'm always contradicting myself ... Please shower me with gifts, pamperings .. and lots lots lots lots of Luurrrrveeee ~~~~

Nurul Afidah's Married
Congrats babe ... wishing you neverending bliss ... we all know you will !!!
Another one of our friends tieing the knot. *Gulp* we're all getting old ~~~~~~~
Nevertheless, am so happy to be reunited with my uni-mates .. God I miss you guys soooooooo much. Had a great time .. although we're already a bunch of mid 20s people ... the clock seems to rewind 5 years back ... to the good ol' times!

So pretty ... like princess ... the veranda was beautifully and tastefully decorated .. of chiffon and purple and white flowers ... lovely !!!!!

Super cheap Baby Gap clothes sold at Danga Bay flea market .. we got this pyjamas set for only RM6.00 !!! Yerrpp .. it's sold at RM3.00 per piece! Megan would look lovely in it !

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Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year Jamie.

Hope everything will work out fine for you in the coming Lunar Year.