Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Crash Boom Bang

Man .. it's been a hell of a month! I think I've been stressing about it in the last 2 posts already .. so I'll stop procrastinating about it! Haha ....

Been doing alot of thinking and wondering lately ... why is life so complex these days? I mean .. can't it be a hell lot simpler, and why couldn't we have the ability to look lightyears ahead to see what how the whole picture is in the future, then we can stop making wrong decisions and make the most out of the correct path that we're taking. But then again, that's the beauty of life .. uncovering all surprises along the way and learning from them. But .... it's soooooooo tiring !!! Gis and I are always pondering upon sooooo many things .. life, love, career, people .. etc etc etc in our weekly session of yamcha'ing. Funny how we never get bored of everything we talk about. Haha .... Esh .. you betta drag your arse back here and join the charmed sista-hood! *more like "cham" sista-hood" !!! Do we have to seek permission first??? We're making a public plea/petition here .. please send this message across!

I'm gonna miss Gis alot .. she has plans to move up to KL to move on with her career .. guess the Charmed-Sistas will be spread out again. Is this our fate or what? Back in Sec 2, we had disciplinary action that made us seperate into 3 different classes coz it was a sore in the eye for the "school management" to see us together. Now as we grow up ... we're gonna be seperated again .. Singapore, JB and KL. I'm the neutral one .. hehe .. but there are plans that my career path will be moving towards Singapore in times to come. Am sooooooooooooo looking forward to it !!! Hope it comes soon! Finally, I can see my fruits of labour ... though many think otherwise on what I do ... there's always this misconception that I'm jez a dumb blonde and all. Hellooo ... I don't mind if my boobs we're bigger !!! Hahaa ... ok .. that's a dumb blonde statement!

So much to say ... but yet I can't put it down ... coz it jez ain't right ... and the time still ain't here yet. If only ...................... only if ............................ The question that has been hovering upon me all these while .... What's Real Anymore? *Peeps ... I'm not depressed or anything ok, perhaps its some female hormone instability .. it fluctuates alot .. but I'm cool (as Gan will always say "Cool-About-Life). Just hope that I don't falter too soon. There's soooo much install for me .. so excited about 2007 !! Good start ... good good start ! Hehe ...
*Ok... the readers are getting confused now ....totally understandable!*

*Song of the moment: Darius - Live Twice* Listen to it .. very meaningful and beautiful song.

Kay-Elle .. eeeee ~~ sound so Mat/Minah Rempit paria !!! Haha ....
I've lost idea on when did I actually spent a weekend back in JB already. Haha ... am so glad I could escape that dingy city again. Peeps have been asking me to move out of it ... but it jez ain't that "simple" ok ..... as much as I want to ... I have my reasons. We'll see how it goes. But everywhere ain't that far ... jez a drive away ... or a flight away. All I need is jez time. Never seem to have enough !!!! Busy busy busy ........... but am enjoying it. It's been awhile since I've had that work hard, play hard life. The last was a couple of years back in uni .. kinda surprised that I actually did better .. or excellently *blush blush* during that period. After that .. life was sooooo monotonous. It all ain't that bad .. but it jez ain't my vibe man.... am jez not made for that! Anyways ....... am back in the zone baybehhhhhhh !

Bar-hopping with me lesbo lover .. the ever gorgeous Haflin. I'd rather pick her up instead of being picked up by men .. seriously ! God knows if there's THAT inner side of me. Haha... love ya babe .. if only I was staying in KL .. we definitely gonna be lesbo's *joking*.
The Saw sisters .. and Aunt Annie. She brought me up when I was just a baby back then .. been years since I've met her, must be proud to see her lil'gal all grown up now. Hehe ...

Darling cuzzie Huey-Ern. The youngest in our generation. Ever so cheeky and cute ... it grows in the family man! Haha ... somehow she has this remarkable resemblance to Lilo (as in Lilo & Stitch). Btw .. notice the amazing natural shape of her eyebrows? Gal she's gonna be HOT next time. Haha ... i'll make sure she'll be HOT ! Anybody wanna pre-register first? Haha ..

@ Laundry, The Curve. Obviously I had to meet up with Nicholas .. and bitch about everything .. it's compulsory! Chilling out on a Saturday night for a change .. if only there were places like these in JB, then I won't be up in KL so much.

And me mates from Uni ... funny though, I was like the only one who didn't end up in the banking/finance industry. But it's changing though .. everyone is gonna end up working TOGETHER ! I'm jealous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maison rocks! Despite what Donavan claims that the music is to angry and not sensual enough .. thank god it's no SENSUAL .. otherwise it'll be a rated PG21 scene. Not much "attractive" men to look at .. even there were, none are for my share. Think you guys get the idea. I've never partied with so many male species before. Haha.. It's a whole different scene from Velvet dear... Btw, Donavan is a world class DJ and spins in Velvet now. Trust me .. he's sooo lovable as well! Hope to see ya soon dear!

Partying with Hot Chicks .. Angie and Evonne ... Hot Hot Hot !

One of the best seminars I've been to ... EVER. Our company had a joint-seminar/demo with Bayer-Sheffield on Bullet Resistant PC. We've all heard about bullet-proof and all .. but I had the opportunity to see what it really was. The evolution of plastics ... getting more advanced. In no time it's gonna replace all natural materials. Mulford Plastics trade all sorts of plastics and film products .. need any, please drop by for enquiries.

I got to fire a real gun. YES !!! Real gun !!! It's a big deal for me ... coz I'll never get a chance to ok. Call me sua-ku for all I care ... but I got the chance to. And it's not easy like what you seen in the movies and all ...

Call me Bond .... JAMie Bond ... *ok .. that was lame* *sweat*

HEY ! First Timer OK !!! The gals rocked .. Shirley got a 9 too .. and hit a bulls-eye on the second shot. The men ... sad case laa ... all in the white zone. Hahahaha ... Don't play play with the girls at RoyalPlast & Mulford !!!

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