Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Party Party Partay ~

What a long weekend it was .. it's been a while since I've partied sooooo much! Well, it wasn't that interesting at all since we went to the same place 3 times in a row! Duuhhhh .. what has this small ol town has to offer laa. It's the best compromise that we can get.. And of course, party week will end off with a better PARTY this weekend in KL .. woooohoo~~~ ROAD TRIP ! CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT !!! 3 blokes .. 3 babes .. 1 hell of a havoc we're gonna create! Hahaha ..

What a way to start off the festive partying mood with police raid!! Grrrrrr .... that's the biggest problem JB clubbing has to offer! You go to decent places with decent people around, and the police loves decent people! They have to interrupt laa .. at 1.45am when everyone is at their climax! It doesn't make any sense at all to scrutinize randomly selected patroners and letting almost half the crowd out just because there were too many of us! And me and Gis became Miss 12 and Miss 13 (close number from the Miss 10 and Miss 11 we got last time round). Tell me about efficiency!!!!! They claim that if we cooperated the whole process will end quickly. How the f$%king hell is the whole process gonna end quickly when you :
  1. Keep moving the 2 divided groups of male and females from one end to another ??

  2. Randomly go round collecting people's ID, and making a few more rounds to make sure that everyone's ID is collected

  3. HAND-WRITING the ID details on paper !!!! And I was able to take a peep on the sheet of paper .. in which the hand-writing is no different to my boss's or doctor's writing

  4. Pass out urine test bottles to men, testing allllllll then men first .. then only followed by the women's turn

  5. Requesting each person to pour away their urine and "rinse" the bottle before disposing it into the bin ... WTF !!!!!
Hence I suggest the following procedures:
  1. Line up everyone into 2-3 rows. Then collect their IDs.

  2. Upon presentation of thier IDs, give them the blardy test kit.

  3. Get them to go pee .. then come back and cue with their pee.

  4. For crying out loud .. our government did not implement the SMART CARD for these people to take down particulars manually !!! Use some freaking card reader to transfer ID data or whatsoever !!

  5. GO RAID THE AH-BENG-AH-LIAN-TU-KAO DISCOS !!! JEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ ... as if you can get sufficient crime-offenders for your god-forsaken reports!
Our pee-test-kits! Looks so much more hi-tech compared to the plastic cup and test strips used before. However, a freaking big loophole to the failure of its efficiency and effectiveness ... You'll get it if you're under medication or even on diet medication!!! WTF!! Just imagine you wanna be Kate Moss (on the other hand, not a perfect example .. i mean physical-wise, not coc-wise) and there's a raid, BINGO ! You're all cuffed up and ready for the central station! WOW .. how glam can it be !!!!!!! *grrrrrrrr* FYI .. the loophole was publicly announced by "THEM" when we're waiting for the results! We're all dumbfounded !!

PARTY * PARTY... Day 2

Same Time .. Same Place .. Same People .. 1 Birthday Boy

Fruit Zhong jiu hao lerrrr~~~~~~~~~~~

    PARTY * PARTY * PARTAY ... Day 3

Same Time .. Same Place .. Same People .. + Much Much Much More People + 1 Birthday Boy (Fruit Zhong) + 1 Birthday Girl (Jia Yen) ... Less Raid
Ah-Long jiu hao le~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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