Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Wet Christmas

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Christmas is officially over .. but the holiday mood hasn't worn off yet. Grrrr ... back to work in full sleepy mode. Why can't it stop raining man! Major cause for sleepiness and reducing the productivity level of all workers out there! I woke up this morning thinking it was Sunday and headed back to sleep again for another 15 minutes until something tells me that it's not right! Grrr ... dah laa the weather so cold .. what a way to start the working week! Grrrr ....

Have it ever occurred to you that it does *snow* in Malaysia?? Since the climate is so warm here that it melts the snow before it touches the ground .. and we have melted snow a.k.a. liquified snow a.k.a. RAIN ! It makes perfect sense .. since this always happens during year end .. *snows* non-stop. Since overseas countries have Winter Holidays .. why can't we in the tropics have Monsoon Holidays? Not fairrr ~~~~~~

It's Boxing Day .. think everyone forgotten about it already. So let the dust build and sit on the prezzies under the Christmas Tree. This year we have more and more prezzies ... the tree is over crowded ! Think next year I may put a basket beside the tree so it looks neater and my maid can sweep and mop the area easily. Amazingly Schnappi didn't tear into the prezzies..or tear down the Christmas tree! Thanks to the Master Trainer I (my dad) .. and unwanted incident of swallowing the xmas lightbulbs. Thank God Schnappi *swallows* (i.e. no dirty thoughts .. he hardly chews anything .. wonder why) has amazing abilities to reject any substance/objects which cannot be digested!

P/S: Mum just called to tell that we're opening prezzies tonight !!!! Yippie ... can't wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait to open prezzies~~~

Look like dowry huh! Most of the prezzies are from Esprit .. now you know why I am so broke !!

Dolce. New place in town to hang out. Literally everyone hangs out there now. I'd say for JB standard, it's a pretty nice place to go. I'd went gaga over Flix in Bangkok coz it had this spacious outdoor area to hang out when you're too sick from the loud music indoors. Dolce has one .. on a much much smaller scale. At least now there's a decent place to bring visitors to .. haha .. *sigh* what else is there to be proud of this little cowboy town? Christmas eve was dammnnnnnnnnn packed! *not surprised at all* The boys have their little private nest to party there .. wat to do .. frequent visitors there, or i might say .. permanent residents!

Wonder if there's any other way to celebrate Christmas than to go party. Not like it's any different from the normal days we party. Go and waste money (like i'm paying! haha), squeeze with people, let people molest, suffocate from second hand smoke, agitate my eardrums, get all icky and sweaty from the insufficient ventilation ... etc etc etc !!! Ah Kiat's bday is on this coming Saturday .. we're gonna repeat "Christmas" again .. hahaha ...

There are more pics .. yet to receive them from my frens!

Happy Birthday Daddy !!!

Daddy Dearest's birthday falls on Christmas Eve. So that explains why I never get to go anywhere for Christmas! Grrrr .. unless they aren't around, but that has never been the case. At least it's a 2 in 1 celebration .. hehe .. *safe money* We each cooked a dish this year instead of eating out and cramming up with people and get slaughtered by the "once a year slaughtering opportunity" for restaurants! Meal was delicious .. i made my alcoholic cream chicken specialty *applause*applause*applause* To everyone out there .. I DO COOK !!!! And i'm kinda good at it ok! Hahahaha .... As usual, the KAYPOH-KIA (a.k.a. Schnappi) have to KAYPOH in the kitchen when people are busy preparing food. This is what has became of him .. disgustingly oily!!! Have to waste time to shower the oil out somemore ! Grrrrr !!! My son really very KAYPOH ler ..howww?????? It's so annoying !!!!!!!!

MORE CHRISTMAS PICS ... Christmas dinner gathering at Rina Nature Spa Resort *in the making*

My goodness, the lady with the red pants nearly killed all the Christmas vibes in me! I can't "carol" properly .. haha .. when she sings, her mouth opens and closes like a goldfish!!! Man I'm so mean !!!

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