Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Natural Disasters

In fact most people would love to stay in Malaysia .. laws are kinda "liberal", we basically have everything here except the 4 seasons .. and of course .. no natural disasters like in the other countries. No typhoon, no earthquake, no blizzard storms, blizzard snow, yadda yadda yadda .. but it seems like the world is changing. Malaysia was hit by tsunami 2 years back, isn't our fault ok, and I'd like to incorporate "massive rain" as a new kind of "natural disaster". JB was hit terribly .. well, it didn't kill anyone or destroy any buildings of any such.. except about 17,000 people were evacuated from their homes, and I swore the roads now look like the surface of the moon (big problem for JKR to repair every damn pothole) .. but the whole f$#king JB was f$#king jammed up coz of the flood! I was one of the victims of course. Took me 2 hours to reach office when i usually did it in like 15 minutes, and back home .. i was stuck for 5 hours .. yes 5 F$#KING HOURS! when it took me the most is 30 minutes! Grrrrrrrr .... @%$#@#$% !!! Thank God i had some sort of entertainment in the car .. my notebook .. but it lasted me only 2.5 hours before it died out! Damn .. kills all the festive mood in me! Grrrrrrrr ...............................

This morning it hit me again .. la la la .. though the sun is up .. the flood hasn't subside yet, and yess ... i reached office at only 11am. And by 11.30am .. i greeted the grey clouds with open arms! Welcome Back !!!!!!! $%$#%$#@!!!!!!!!! Second round of traffic .. WOW!!! But at least i'm not driving today .. haha .. my beloved neighbour is !!

The clouds are back! View of the sky as of 1.25pm


I wished I was this HOT !

I figured out the perfect christmas dream for every guy ... to sit in a comfy couch where PussyCat Dolls all dressed up in skimpy-kinky-Santarina outfits shaking their booty and going all over you! Wowweee ... I'd like to have that as well!!

It's coming near .. haven't finished my shopping yet !! Still need to get stuff for my mom, my granny, my jumi, and my son... *sigh* $$ flying away ...

I'd like to know who created Christmas Carols .. i mean .. who actually invented the songs! If you listened to some of the lyrics of these songs .. it made no sense at all ! Especially "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by Jimmy Boyd (1952). The mom's a whore babe! Haha ..... flirting and tickling santa under the tree .. and cause some sort of trauma to the poor boy who caught her in action that he started talking to his teddy bear! And kids actually sing to this songs ... gosh ! And then there's Santa stealing the limelight from Jesus. HELLOOO ... it's Jesus of Nazareth's Birthday! (wonder what's his surname .. Jesus God? Coz he's the son of God?) Santa (not his real name) is actually some mistaken identity evolved throughout the years. He's in fact a Dutch bishop for crying out loud who loves to help people .. and his real name is Saint Nicholas. God knows who came out with this idea of him being some sort of mythical icon who spends the whole year making gifts for all the kids and being able to deliver them across the world in just 1 night! And uses 12 reindeers??? He could very well do it in a jet which has a bigger storage compartment compared to his sleigh! And since he has magical powers to zip zap across the globe in 1 night .. why can't he jez teleport himself instead of going down chimneys?! Abeh those staying in parts of ASIA where chimnies do not exist .. too bad laa .. no prezzies for the kids! Biaised sia!! Hahaha ... Santa must be damn scawny instead of the ballooning belly he has coz he wouldn't fit through chimnies .. haha. Guess Saint Nic must be damn sad rite now for not being remembered for who he is .. instead Santa which is not real gets the leading role of Christmas.

Conclusion: Don't be part of a gossip .. god knows what story may turn out about ya! SENSITIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <-- some people will only get what i meant .. cheers babe!

Okok ... i'll stop bitching here ... no offence everyone. I love Christmas, and I love Santa or whoever he is .. despite the fact that he hasn't been visiting me throughout my 24 years of life and not getting a single prezzie from him. I love to wonder alot and think about the logical reasons behind it. Nevertheless .. I still love to live in this fantasy world .. if only i had teleport-powers !!!!!

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