Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nocturnal Indulgence

Was in KL for the weekend .. and it was a *B*L*A*S*T*!!! All it takes is a bunch of spontaneous "ON" people, and there you have it! Truly a "relaxing" holiday as our schedules weren't planned and we had all the time in the world to do anything we wanted. On the other hand, am contradicting myself on the "relaxing" part coz everyone was so worn out .. obviously from too much nocturnal indulgence! Nothing much to blog about ... just enjoy d pics!

Day 1 : Friday 1.30am @ The Loft

Day 2 : Saturday 11.00pm @ Poppy Garden

This was one of the most pah-pai places I've been .. first they insist on opening their business to public only at 11.00pm (FYI we waited like bunch of loafers since 10.15pm), then to get good seats you have to book like 2-3 weeks in advance, and the dress code was utterly-ubberly-RIDICULOUS! Konon-laa wanna maintain the standard and class of the place. Anyways, that's what you get clubbing/partying in KL .. people there are stylish .. and if you went to Heritage Row .. don't be underdressed coz you'll feel the pressure there! Oh come on!! We're here to let our hairs down, party and have fun .. not be POSERS and act all dolly and sophisticated! Sorry am not that sort .. even if I was all prepped up, I'd still hang loose and have fun like Paris Hilton (if only I had her height, her looks, her aura, her clothes, and her money .. damn right I don't give a damn on what people think .. so what .. who do you think you are .. This Is ME !) On the other hand .. I guess I'll jez stick to who I am !

Obviously after all those rigid rules .. this is MALAYSIA after all. And I love my beloved country very much! The 10 of us are obviously jeans ambassadors .. and you can see that we have round-neck collar tees as well. Initially we're kinda worried that we had to go back to change (duhh .. like where we were staying was so far .. *Hint*Only 5 minutes walk from Poppy*) But we were still allowed to enter despite "No Sneakers" the boys swear to those shoes, "No Torn Jeans" sorry, but Ayam's classic jeans has a big hole in it, and "No Round-Collared Neck Tees" duhh..Fruit Zhong's in it ..hey, Calvin Klein ok!!!! Before you knew it .. basically everyone was dressed down as well! And .. we had one of the best seats/table in the club .. beside the DJ Console with sofas! Yew Meng and sweet May dropped by later at night and was shocked that we could get those seats coz apparently he said a friend of his needed to make reservations 2 weeks earlier and still couldn't get those seats! Our Lucky Lucky Day !

Day 2.5 : Sunday Morning Breakfast @ Coffee Bean
Was too tired to actually know wat time it was .. I only had 3 hours of slept .. and yes, I overslept!!!

The people I grew up with .. Dr Priscilla Kaur and Nicholas Lo .. we've been friends since like God knows when ... 7 ??? We're letter-writing buddies for a long time after I moved to cowboy-town Jiu-Hu-Beh! Am so glad we're still in touch! And I hope to meet the rest as well .. especially SOOK WEI (gal .. I'm yet to see you !! and i'm dying to!)

Met up with Sweet Haflin .. Don't you think we kinda look alike? Or maybe I jez perasan lebih! Kinda ironic on how our friendship actually started .. won't go into details here. You'll be surprised how ex-girlfriends actually make good buddies! Perfect example! Am so loving her .. one of the sweetest people I know. Whoever gets her .. well, it's as good as striking jackpot lottery. And whoever loses her .. well, you're a blind-dumbwitted asshole!!


Anonymous said...

I may not know you lots but 2 things surprise me:
1. You actually DO blog...
2. The way you blog is not you at all. (but that's how we all blog isn't it?)

gtg now. in a rush. back to comment you later.

Anonymous said...

finally back. great blog. nice song. who sang the song?

jamieternity said...

thanks! the song is sung by Janice - Tai Kor (big brother). she has a english version as well, called Never Let You Go.

Anonymous said...

so prasan...she much more -prettier than u