Saturday, January 13, 2007

2007 Resolutions

It's kinda cliche thing for people to actually have New Year RESOLUTIONS. I mean, do people actually keep track on how well they "fared" with their resolutions? Even if they did, what happens if they don't "pass" all resolutions set? And what if we did make it through all resolutions? Treat ourselves to a good meal? After being able to lose the targeted 5kg last year? Or treat ourselves to some indulgence i.e. shopping, theraphy etc etc? After setting "must spend less and save more" as part of your resolution. Duuhhhhhhh ~~~~~~~~~~ It's not like you get a big bonus after being able to get a good score from your boss after the appraisal. My job appraisal is coming up real soon .. please pray I do well .. I need the big bonus for alot of stuff!

After all that bitching .. i've decided to give myself some resolutions for the year 2007. I hope that it could be some sort of motivation to improve the state or level of my life each year, not like it's all messed up or anything, but I feel as we're all getting older, we need to prepare ourselves ..... for the future! *gasps*

Resolution 1 : Time Management
I do have very well time management .. but not how other people views it. Haha .. I tend to work at my own personal pace .. and it's very dependent on the mood that I'm currently in. Thank god my brain works fast enough to get the job done most of the time. However, I would like to change some part of my so-called time management, and learn how to be less dependent on the mood. In short ... be MORE motivated to work! Do something extraordinary for me to earn that extra bonus at work or a promotion!

Resolution 2 : Being able to come to work early
That has been my biggest problem so far. FYI, I start work at 8.30am .. however i clock in at 8.50am since the 3rd day of my job. It has been 2 years and half years now. I don't know what's my problem .. I can wake up as early as 7am and still be late. The earliest I've made it to work is 8.40am. *sigh* Although in my L.O.A. it did states that I am able to "take time off in lieu" .. I'd better stop taking it so seriously.
Yes! I am late today .. again! So much for resolutions! *Grrrrr* I guess the root cause to it is no having enough sleep. Which makes me wonder .. and have been wondering for many years now .. How Much Sleep Is Actually Enough ? I guess 10 perhaps compared to the conventional 8 hours! So therefore, Resolution 2.1 : Being Able to Sleep Early is added to the list!

Resolution 3 : Settle off my Debt
Hey ... am a very very very good paymaster OK! No matter how much my credit card statement gives me a hard attack most months .. especially the one I just opened 20 minutes ago .. I'd still pay off every single cent to the Bank. They should reward me in someway i.e. rebating my bill like 50% or give me cash vouchers for shopping without terms that I have to purchase over a certain amount or give me bonus points or double up my existing points so that I can exchange for more meaningful gifts other than lame electrical appliances!
Where was I .... OH .. i'd like to settle off my PTPTN debt. Any sponsors? Hahaa ... really, it's a huge amount .. and the interest charges or what they like to call it "KOS PENTADBIRAN" i.e. Administration Fees are killing me and everyone other there whom has taken the loan. *Grrrrr* somehow I feel like I have been duped into signing the agreement with the bunch of other 3,000 or so kids. I seriously doubt I am able to fulfill this Resolution No.3 unless somehow, someway GOD do read people's blog and stumbled upon mine, and come give me a winning lottery number in my dreams real soon.

Resolution 4 : Be a Yoga Master
I've taken up this activity like 1-2 years back .. and am loving it. Although given my "slumberness" nature, I always drag myself to the yoga class instead of looking forward to it. But after stumbling upon a
yoga-worshiper's blog I am tremendously motivated to improve myself in yoga and being able to stretch my limbs the way god forbade. I've made some sort of an agreement with my mom that we'll do 10 sun salutations every single day.

Resolution 5 : Do something amazing!
This is an additional resolution .. just to even out the number. Guess it'll be like do something that I won't be able to do after the age of 25. However, this does not include 1. Getting Married 2. Having Kids 3. Getting a tattoo 4. Getting a nose-job or implants, although I would hope so much that they would simply morph naturally into the shape and size I desire it to be 5. Dye my hair pink, white, or anything shocking ... it jus ain't my style.

Resolution 6 : Read More Books or just .. finish all the books I bought!
There's tons of books at my bedside table. I got in extra bedside table to even off the symmetry of my bed, and of course .. when there's a free space, something just needs to occupy it. And it is.. more books. Obviously, I've yet to finish them. I just don't have enough time to sit down and read for hours! It's amazing how I actually have built a liking for reading .. books simply makes me sleepy, I could even yawn when reading magazine articles. Seriously .. it's like sleeping pills to me. I remembered back in uni where I had to take up this English subject like literature or something, I had to read a book before hand, The Great Gatsby, and was tested for that. I dozed off like a dozen times trying to finish that 60 page book. Hahahaha ... useless me. However, Dd Abu Hassan inspired me to read .. and my first book was .. Harry Porter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Ok .. go ahead and laugh! However, I do find Harry Porter very very interesting! And I equally love the movies as well ! Mind you .. there's a child in every one of us !

Wish me LUCK !

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Hey! I would like to be a part of your other year's resolution. Where do I sign up and fill in the application form for the 1. Getting Married section and 2. Having Kids?

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