Sunday, January 28, 2007

Jez got back from Bangkok (... again) for work. I've got a new colleague on board so am now part of the Internal Audit team. Don't ask me why .. I'm HR .. but am also Head of the PKL department. You see how some people have funny abbreviations on their name cards, like B.Sc.M.M.B.A. (i made that up) Guess next time I should have something similar as well.

(the first one is my major .. followed by Pao-Ka-Liao, Bao-Sua-Bao-Hai)

I hope my Chin doesn't leave so soon .. then I'll get to travel more .. to all the units for I.A. Not like I really enjoy it that much .. it's very rigid work .. and am just not a big fan of rigidness. Wonder how some people actually enjoy it .. to all you Auditiors out there, please..enlighten me. And to the Future Auditors ... Good Luck! Was actually looking forward to this trip to our Bangkok unit .. after all .. I do love Bangkok alot .. one of my fav holiday destination .. never fail to get bored of it! Unfortunately, the office is soooooooooooooooooooooo off town, that everyday my day starts off anti-climax from the 1.5 hours taxi ride. It just kills all the vibes and motivation! And after work .. there isn't much time to shop or party .. just ain't got the mood to anymore. Don't worry ... I'll be back ...... SHOPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The new Bangkok Airport is ...... is ...... For Christ sake they don't even have WiFi ... not even at Starbucks! You wanna go online .. use the available kiosks or purchase some dial up card! Sheeeshhh .... Anyways, this caught my attention in a different perspective. Not that I never caught it during my last trip in November .. but I was too beat that my mind ain't just working.

The hotel I stayed in was fantastic. We had the "opportunity" to stay at the Davis Bangkok. Modern boutique hotel artisticly decorated. My room had some sort of a Arabian-cum-Retro kinda design .. oohh.. -cum-kinky ambiance. I've stayed in so many hotels before and it seems the IN thing is to have some sort of visual or physical access from the toilet other than its door. And not forgetting the lock-less door. I don't get it ... really! I am the kind of person who is really particular about toilets .. (1) It has to be clean (2) Not smelly ( i have the choice!) (3) Privacy! I can't do my business when there's people around .. especially in public places .. I'll hold it till they leave! I jez need my own space ok! Anyways, I can see the hotel's point of making the bathroom visible to the entire room .. (1) For the honeymooners .. (2) To be able to watch TV while soaking in the tub .. I do that to MTV all the time. But this one in my room is kinda awkward .. It has a glass .. and the curtains are on the outside instead. For what .. Peep Show? I know Bangkok's famous for that .. but they didn't have to emphasize it all the way. What if we had visitors or stayed with someone else .. where's the security man! Everytime you step into the shower you have to shower in fear. Or what if your visitor has kids and ... Ta Daaa~~~~~~ Kinky Kinky Kinky ... haha .....

Yet another night @ Dolce ....
The night was the slowest and dullest ever .. and we early 3 stooges had to entertain ourselves with the Malaysia vs. Singapore football match. Sheesh..Asian football is sooooo incompetent compared to the English/European/Spanish league .. anyways, we lost in the penalty shoot out *sigh* .. and having to watch the Singaporeans rejoice to their winnings .. macam win the cup ler .. and saw some lame Singaporeans with their freaking banners shouting "Malaysia Tetap Kalah ... Malaysia Sure To Lose" ! Screw you guys man !!!!! Where's the sportsmanship! Meng-siasuey-kan your country only to put such banners up! The ball is round .. and at least we didn't suffer a humiliating defeat like you guys in the past .. baahhhhhhh ....

Guys .. we really need to look for a new place .. it's beginning to be very very boring and unhappening .. in no time we'll dread going to this place ..

Sigh .. this is what my town has got to offer ..

Sis-Gis damn steady to come accompany me .. Now she very "wet-de" already .. even about to sleep also can jump out of bed to come .. Love you sis!

Lee Fang resorted to his fantasy .. he was so bored that he made an "invisible" friend.

And I on the other hand .. resorted to the Nokia photo editing software. Hilarious don't you think ... there are more .. but this was my fav ! Hahaha ~~~

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